Ajit plans his next big move in Pavitra Rishta..

Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta will have a rather sad end to the Holi bash as Ajit kidnaps Vandita, Manav's sister..

The festival of Holi is a day earmarked for enjoyment, but the Holi Bash in Zee TV and Balaji Telefilms' Pavitra Rishta will end on a rather gloomy note. The Holi episodes will be aired in the mid of this week, wherein Ajit (Pankaj Vishnu) crosses all limits and tries to rape Manav's sister Vandita (Yamini).

According to our source, "This will be a high point in the coming episodes, as Ajit kidnaps Vandita and also tries to rape her. He also threatens to put acid on Vandita's face. But the girl somehow manages to escape from his clutches, reaches home and tells her family about Ajit's wicked ideas. This shocks Manav and his family. Both Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput) get wild when they hear this. Manav in fact, threatens to kill Ajit, while Archana goes and slaps Ajit".

"Vandita realizes that Ajit has been responsible for al the problems that have occurred in their lives, starting from Archana and Manav's break to the death of Sachin. So keeping in mind all the problems that Ajit has created for their family, she goes to the police station and lodges a complaint against him", adds our source.

This track will be a huge one wherein both Archana and Manav's families will get affected. In between all this, Savita (Usha Nadkarni) will try to brainwash Shravani's (Pooja Pihal) mind, which will result in Shravani reacting badly with Archana.

We called Sushant Singh Rajput who said, "I have no idea about what's going to come. You need to ask the creative team".

Pankaj Vishnu who recently replaced Prabhat Bhattacharya to play Ajit stated, "Yes, there is a big track involving Ajit, which will be very interesting. All I can say is that Ajit comes up with something huge on the occasion of Holi".

So guess it's time for drama, drama and more drama in Pavitra Rishta..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (63)

From tom IPL starts if CV's doesn't start the process of reuniting ArMan then TRP of PR will go tan tan gopal...

14 years ago

during IPL, the reunion will be in the process ..

14 years ago

Congragulations and celebrations for completing 200 episodes!
Way too go Pavitra rishta, its rishta b/w your mann and our mann!!!!!

14 years ago

finally something interesting i think this new track will bring manav and archana closer to each other

14 years ago

atleast the sotry is moving fast nd nt dragging .. only ths Shravni issue is dragging sadly :(

14 years ago

Thats the best part of PR, it dosent gets struck at one place far too long it keeps moving on and on!

14 years ago

This Ajit is better in terms of his danger looks but previous was better actor.I just hope once Ajit will not be excused this time for his wrong doing by karanjkers because Manju is pregnant or Bhavanatai told..

14 years ago

So tonight will be a dhamak bara episode in a true bollywood style kidnap!
The blue tiger is going to kidnap the lux model.....

14 years ago

Ajit deserves to b rotting in hell along with his aai n manjusha(his sis). it will then b a blessed release n ArMan cn reunite.

14 years ago

Sul will as usual forgive him duh .. *shakes head* .. loll

14 years ago

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