Ajay Krish Becomes A Proud father

Ajay Krish, shot to fame with shows like Mamta and Ardhangini - Ek Khoobsurat Jeevan Saaathi, becomes a proud father....

Ajay Krish, shot to fame with shows like Mamta and Ardhangini, became the proud father of a baby girl on Tuesday.

Ajay got married to Shruti Sharma whom he dated for five long year and shifted his base in USA. Shruti delivered a cute baby girl and the couple named their new born baby Indira.

We congratulated Ajay for the special moment, and he said, "Thanks. My baby girl just arrived. Her name is Indira Krish. Wonderfully tiring experience. Baby keeps us all awake but the feeling can't be expressed in words."

Shruti Sharma, elder sister of Abhishek Sharma, was fondly known as Bhenji of Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum.

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Shruti Sharma

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Ajay Krish

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Abhishek Sharma

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Ardhangani - Ek Khoobsurat Jeevan Saathi

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Miley Jab Hum Tum

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Comments (13)

ewww nasty... salif looks a old grandpa... kareena look better with shahid...

12 years ago

OMG!!! your wedding on My BDAY!!!
That wud be awsoommeee.. ishallah u live a happy and successful life.. Luv u two and hope u guys live life with Love and not hatred !!

12 years ago

shahid nd kareena was much better

12 years ago

oh yay!! neil nitin mukesh in Fiji - my homeland!! woo! :D

12 years ago

HAHA i think what she meant by "ur ques don't interest me" was that she wud never browse for wedding dresses online, she will get one of her favt high profile designer friends to specially design a dress for her wedding.
Not a fan of her but i can understand where she's coming from.

12 years ago

her film end is here.. she could never act.. without salman, and aamir she is nothing really

12 years ago

They haven't kept their relationship under the wraps exactly, so why all the hush-hush about the wedding date?

Never been a Kareena fan, but the girl really needs to get over herself & learn to deal with questions appropriately because "Your question doesn't interest me" is rather rude.

As a celebrity, they are always in news. That's what they CHOSE. So a big thing like Saif & Kareena's wedding will, of course, be in the news. I don't care much either way, but I can understand that their fans would be so excited. And just for them, she can be a little nicer in her responses. I'm sure everyone would respect that she doesn't want to give out all the details, but Kareena needs a big wake up call that the world doesn't revolve around her.

12 years ago

Yes Neil & Sonal are shooting in Fiji and stayed at the resort i work for
Neil is a nice guy...

12 years ago

Kareena kapoor is not vidya balan or priyanka chopra.. she became famous for working with salman, shahrukh, and other big stars.. that is y her movie with Saif flopped because she cant do movie on her own.. Now she is replaced with Sonakshi Sinha.. both of these girls want to play it safe.. and thier success wil last 1-2years..that is all.

12 years ago

If someone wants to become famous they have to expect that their private life will somewhat be out there...she needs to stop giving attitude and say that when the date will be determined she will let everyone know. Being famous has its consequences...so people like kareena need to get over themselves

12 years ago

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