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'Agle Janam has a better viewership' - Sukirti Khandpal

Sukirti Khandpal who essays the role of Siddheshwari in Zee TV's Agle Janam in a conversation with TellyBuzz..


Sukirti Khandpal who is still addressed as Ridhima of Star One's Dill Mill Gaye is all the more happy essaying the role of Siddheshwari in Zee TV's Aagle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo…

Here is Sukirti Khandpal in a lively conversation with TellyBuzz..

Your character of Siddheshwari is turning grey in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. So what's your take on it?
I think it's going really nice and both as an actor and as a human, one gets bored performing monotonous roles. So a change always adds up to the excitement in the journey of life.

And as per the negativity of the character is concerned, I feel it is not negative on the whole; she is just a part of the wrong things happening around. Siddheshwari is a person who is deprived of many things with respect to her family prestige, and as a human she is just retaliating back.

You were lately seen performing a scene where you were drunk. So how was the experience?
It was nice and a different experience altogether. The only disadvantage was that we had to consume lot of Pepsi (smiles). I am glad that I could give the shot without consuming alcohol.

How do you think your character transition will enhance the present track of the serial?
I think it's filling up the essence of drama in the serial and every new twist takes the track to a different level.

Your fans are still awaiting your comeback on Dill Mill Gaye (DMG), so are there any chances of that happening?
Well actually, they haven't approached me as of now. And I personally feel that the present track in the show is taking absurd turns, and I don't wish to re-join the serial at this juncture. I am sorry to disappoint my fans but I think I had been a part of DMG at its best time, and I hold no regrets for the same.

With whom do you think you share a better on-screen chemistry, Karan Singh Grover or Abhishek Rawat?
As per the popularity factor is concerned, I feel my on-screen chemistry was much better with Karan. But I share more comfort and fun working with Abhishek, both on screen as well as off screen. He's not troublesome in any way.

So did you face any troubles while working with Karan?
(smiles) I can't comment on that.

What was your idea of taking up this role of Siddheshwari after DMG?
Firstly every actor wishes to take up different characters; so I wanted to experiment with my acting skills. Secondly when I was approached for this serial it had a TRP of 3.5 and now it has reached 5, so why not be a part of such a serial. Also the character allowed me to retain my original hair texture, so I was more than happy (smiles).

Now how much do you miss being on the sets of DMG?
Frankly I don't miss it much because the youth based fun and frolic was present only on-screen, while off-screen there used to be lot of confusions on sets. In fact I have more fun on sets of my ongoing serial, and our present enjoyment has over powered all my past memories.

Could you share any memorable incident on the sets of DMG?
I remember the happy time spent with Dr. Kirti aka Sonia Singh.

Any craziest fan mail you have received as of now?
On my Birthday last year, three girls named Neha, Diya and Divya from Delhi sent me a copy of their self written book 'Ehsaas'; it is based on the story of DMG. I was so touched to receive it that I'm still in regular contact with them on a social networking site.

Do people still relate to you as Ridhima?
Yes of course they do. They even sob and enquire about the reasons for leaving DMG, but it's quite flattering.

Do you think that the character of Siddheshwari has created equal excitement in your fans?
I'll leave it to the fans to comment on that. All I have to say is that Agle Janam has a better viewership, as it appeals to the audience of all age groups.

What do you think was the strength of Ridhima's character and that of Siddheshwari?
Ridhima I feel was very level-headed, calm, loving and sweet. Siddheshwari on the other hand is very amusing, completely in love with herself.

What kind of roles are you planning to work on in future?
I wish to get associated with a youth based show, young in all aspects, and would prefer to get a very bubbly, fun character, something more close to myself.

What are you passionate about apart from acting?
I love travelling, especially road trips. I think road journeys are the best; I love to rest at the roadside Dhabas, eat there, ask for lift from commuters when your vehicle fuel tank goes low. I mean all this is splendid experience. Apart from this, I love shopping. I am planning to make a trip to Dubai and London very soon.

How did acting happen to you?
Basically from a young age I always wanted to get into modelling, and my dad was a bit against this aspiration of mine. He wanted me to pursue MBA, but my mom always supported me.

But I never knew how to go about it. And one day it so happened that I was in Mumbai at Leopold Caf and a creative of DMG asked me to audition for the role of Ridhima. I did it and got rejected. Later he approached me again for the show Jersey No.10 on SAB TV. Months after this, I got a call at around 12.30 in the midnight from DMG team, for the same character and I bagged it. And I felt as if I was just destined for that role of Ridhima (smiles).

Any message to your fans
I would like to thank them for their support and love. Whatever I have achieved today is all due to their support. I would also like to apologize if I have disappointed them in any way, and I promise to keep entertaining you with more convincing characters.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.


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