Agle Janam gets its male lead...

A newcomer by name Abhishek Rawat has been finalized to play the male lead in Zee's Agle Janam...

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Finally, Zee's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, produced by Swastik Pictures gets its male lead in new face Abhishek Rawat.

According to our source, "The young lad has done few commercials and is relatively new to television. He will essay the character of Loha Singh's (Sudesh Berry) youngest son in the show".

Now that Laali has entered the Thakur family, there will be yet another high point in the story line in the coming episodes.

"The Thakurs are ruthless and opportunistic people, and have a big motive behind buying Laali. The girl will not be allowed to enter the palatial haveli and will be put in the out house instead. The next few episodes will bring to light the real motive behind all this. The fact will be that the men in the Thakur household have schemed to supply Laali to someone else, and are just waiting for the right time to sell her off. However, a twist will be seen before that", explains our source.

Let's see how the story moves with the entry of the male lead...

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Abhishek Rawat

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twist is that younger son falls in love right?? lol

14 years ago

I''m so excited for the future episodes...

14 years ago

Isn''t Abhishek Mehen from Babul Ka Angan choote na? Im not sure?

14 years ago

the thakur family bought her, only to sell her further, I think they run this business.
but i''m sure someone from the thakur family will rescue her

14 years ago

a twist before they sell her......i know....the youngest son falls for her!! i hope so!
poor laali.

14 years ago

SO THAKURS r planning to seel lali to someone else
what is this going on>>>
somesort of chain of pathetic women sellers !!!!
poor laali !!!

14 years ago

If I''m not mistaken , isnt Abhishek Rawat the guy who played Mahen in Baabul Ka Aangann Chootey Na ? He''s in the Mazaa commericals now : )

14 years ago

Cool they found the lead..but the Thakur''s want to sell Laali to someone else?These people are too cruel.Thanks for the article.

14 years ago

This show is picking up day by day!!
yea laali will not be sold

14 years ago

oh wow waitg 4 lohas sing entry 2...wonder who is the guy ???
wat can b the motive??? sound insterstng !!!

14 years ago

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