Aftab - Aamna to grace finale of Chinchpokli..

The duo will be special guests for the last episode of Sony's Comedy Circus Chinchpokli to China...

Sony's Comedy Circus Chinchpokli to China will bid adieu this weekend. The show will see its last episode this Saturday with some special guest judges on the panel.

"Aamna Shariff and Aftab Shivdasani will be seen as special guests in the finale episode of the show. They are here to promote their newly released flick Aloo Chaat", says the source.

Will the duo perform? "No they are just the special guests and will be enjoying the performances of contestants along with Archana and Shekher", quips the source.

Along with them, one of the Chak De girls Vidya Malvade will be present too. "She is here for Ram banaye jodi section. She is all set to tickle the funny bones of judges as well as our special guest and junta", adds the source.

There is a new show in the pipeline which will replace Chinchpokli. "There is a new series of Comedy Circus 20-20 which will replace the show from next month", concludes the source.

So viewers are you ready for some chat masala with the special guests on the show??

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Aftab Shivdasani

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Vidya Malvade

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Aamna Shariff

Comments (10)

Love u Aamna.Hate u Affy.. RajevAamna Rocks..muuuuhaaa..

13 years ago

i heard theyre together in real lyf , i think it is true actually not think im sure theyre together so has any one else heard this ?
thanxs 4 this

15 years ago

WWOOOWWWIII!!! gr8~~!! wen is it...?? ny1 PM me date & timings..??

15 years ago

i like there jodi even if there not a couple
dey look cute

15 years ago

first time they both looking gr8 but i RA are the best jodi

15 years ago

I havent seen movie yet. But i also heard that movie is not great....... I watched out promos but I didnt find any spark and chemistry between then. But she had shared great chemistry with Rajiv Khandelwal.....

15 years ago

Aftab-Aamna are looking vyer nice in the pic. Can''t wait to see them in GF!!

15 years ago

flop movie and the jodi is not good either! Aamna is not made for movies she is an great TV actress but not in movies! no offense to the fans! all the best!

15 years ago

@idiot_1= agreed, its a sad truth. Even I like Aamna, haven''t seen the film tbh but judging frm the comments i think it may be just an average film. Aamna shud pick and choose her films, after all we''ve seen her gr8 acting and hard wrk in KTH.

15 years ago

Thank you.. I like this show ... the 2 kids sidharth and nandini are really good. I hope they are there in the next series of comedy circus.

15 years ago

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