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Adrija Roy on being roped in as the new Imlie, speaks on the Sumbul-Megha legacy

Adrija Roy, who will be essaying the character of the new 'Imlie' in Star Plus' show Imlie got in an exclusive chat with us and spoke to us about being roped in the show and a lot more.

Published: Thursday,Aug 31, 2023 09:20 AM GMT-06:00
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Adrija Roy

Star Plus has unveiled an enticing sneak peek into the much-anticipated post-leap phase of 'Imlie.' The captivating promotional clip introduces Adrija as the new face of Imlie, breathing fresh life into the character. As the story takes its leap, Imlie emerges at the forefront, poised to tackle life's trials while chasing her dreams with unwavering determination. The teaser offers a glimpse of Imlie's stint at a bar, where she showcases her talent to sustain herself and pursue her aspirations. Amid the challenges that come her way, destiny intertwines her path with Sai Ketan Rao's character, who extends a significant proposition in exchange for her services. Unfazed by the offer, Imlie firmly rejects it, symbolizing her refusal to compromise her integrity, even in the face of adversity.

In an engaging conversation with India Forums, Adrija Roy opens up about her involvement in the show, brimming with enthusiasm for her role in the series. She provides valuable insights into her character's role within the show's narrative, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the upcoming storyline.

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The enigmatic revelation that your character's name is 'Imlie' has left viewers intrigued. Could you shed some light on this mystery?

Ah, that's the mystery indeed." Candidly, she confesses, "To be honest, I'm not yet familiar with the whole story. Our shooting is set to commence tomorrow, and that's when I'll receive more detailed briefs. Nevertheless, I'm eagerly looking forward to it. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have landed this opportunity. On the day of the promotional shoot, we worked tirelessly from 9 in the morning until 1 at night. I was genuinely excited about the promo shoot. This being my second show, and with Star Plus no less, I feel truly blessed.

Having both Sumbul and Megha portray the character of Imlie in the show, whose performance did you find more appealing?

Adrija thoughtfully responds, "Honestly, it's a bit challenging to make a direct comparison. The portrayals of the characters by Sumbul in the first season and by Megha in the second season were unique in their own right. Sumbul's portrayal of Imlie in the first season was exceptional, and similarly, Megha's performance in the second season was remarkable. Both characters held distinct qualities. I had the pleasure of meeting Megha on set; she's a wonderful individual. Interestingly, we both hail from Bengali backgrounds."

Could you share a glimpse of the story post the leap and tell us more about your character?

As I mentioned before, I don't possess all the details yet. What I do know is that whatever unfolds, the show is bound to be captivating.


Sumbul's portrayal of Imlie in the first season was exceptional, and similarly, Megha's performance in the second season was remarkable. Both characters held distinct qualities.

- Adrija Charu

Lastly, reflecting on your journey from being approached for the show to securing the role, could you share your thoughts and emotions during that time?

When I was invited for the mock shoot, I was brimming with excitement. Being an extrovert, my excitement tends to be quite evident. You know that feeling when you're certain something will fall into place? A positive vibe? I felt that after the mock shoot. The feedback from everyone was positive, although the ultimate decision rested with the channel. I had this instinctive feeling that I'd make the cut. A week later, the confirmation call arrived. I immediately shared the news with my family, and their joy mirrored my own. I'm hoping the audience embraces the show, and I seek everyone's blessings. While my first show had a good run, this one holds an even more special place in my heart.

As Adrija Roy embarks on this new chapter, we extend our heartfelt best wishes for her exciting journey ahead.

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Deltablues @Deltablues 3 months ago So, basically, Star okayed the leap and lead castings without having a story? Gul ki kya reputed branding hai. So professional ya
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Devtaholic @Devtaholic 3 months ago Adrija Roy was really good in Durga aur charu. She is really good looking and talented actress too. In the promo she looks so different hardly difficult to recognize she resembles saanvi talwar in this picture
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Ajab @Criticiser 3 months ago Pathetic pathetic pathetic this crappy show should’ve ending instead of torturing us further with this crappy leap!!
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