Aditi Shirwaikar in pain

Aditi Shirwaikar is reeling in pain with a sprained knee, and her baliye Mohit hopes that she does not aggravate her injury more this week...

Mohit  Mallik and Aditi Shirwaikar walked away with all the praise for their fabulous Kathakali act last week, but things do not look bright for Jodi No. 6 at the moment, as Aditi is down with a severe sprain on her left knee.

“She is in too much of pain at the moment; her body goes numb on the left side now and then”, says a concerned Mohit.

“Ever since she performed on the Kathakali number, she has got this problem. We have been to doctors, she is on energy capsules and pain killers at the moment. She is flat-footed, so when she had to position her leg a bit cross-wise for the Kathakali dance, I guess something went wrong”, adds Mohit.

Mohit is very much scared and hopes that things do not get worse for her during this week’s episode shoot. “I am praying that she does not aggravate her injury more while performing. We have taken all precautions and have kept her steps simple with no big jumps this time”, quips the actor.

Well, with the eliminations starting this week, there isn’t a second chance for any Jodi from now on!! We just hope Aditi gets better and is able to deliver a good performance…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (17)

i dnt want them 2 b out of da show....hp they do well...
Hp da cutie pie gtz well soon!

15 years ago

Awwwwwwwww.... hope she gets well soon!

15 years ago

awww they're one of my favorite jodis! hope she gets better!

15 years ago

awww Mohit is so sweet....I hope Aditi gets well soon! I love their jodi in NB4

15 years ago

awww....i love their jodi...i hope she gets well soon :)

15 years ago

oh no... i hope it's not too serious, hope she gets well really soon!


15 years ago

Oh God! Please get well soon. Your innovative performances make me watch NB4. I am sure your baliye will support you through this. I will pray for your dear from bottom of my heart for speedy recovery.

15 years ago

aditi get well soon
you and Mohit have bright future in NACH BALIYE 4

15 years ago

hey aditi get well soon dear...>:D<

15 years ago


thanks for this

poor girl

hope she gets well soon


15 years ago

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