Actors talk about one foolish thing...

Actors share their incidents where they did foolish things...

It's Fool's day today. A day dedicated to play pranks, crazy and foolish things. But have you ever thought that you must have also done something foolish and became a fool by your own? Well, our TV actors must have surely come across something foolish or have something foolish.

We ask actors regarding the same -

Srishty Rode

Srishty Rode seen in Hello Pratibha on Zee TV said,

"Once, I went for shopping where I had to buy things for my home like curtains and all. But I ended up doing lots of shopping and spent lot of money. When I came back home, I realized that everything is mismatching and useless. Ultimately everything was waste and I understood that I am a foolish when it comes to shopping as I am very bad at picking up things."

Harshad Arora

Harshad Arora last seen as contestant in Khatron Ke Khiladi Dar Ka Blockbuster Returns said,

"I used to make my friends fool like I remember when I was in school, I played a prank that I have got a fracture but it wasn't. Even during my show, I used to play pranks which I used to enjoy a lot. I don't remember that I have done something foolish. I would say that I am not foolish to be fooled."

Ravjeet Singh last seen in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi on Colors said,

"I remember when I was a kid, I called up my friends and said that I met with an accident as some car had hit me. All my friends left all their work and came running to meet me. When they came home, I started laughing and they really were annoyed with me. So, later on I had to convince them and apologize them for playing that prank."

Nisha Neha Nayak seen in Sadda Haq on Channel V said,

"On April 1, my dad and I made a plan to play a prank on our relatives. So, I called them and told everyone that my mom met with a major accident and everyone came to our house and were shocked to see that mom is fit and fine. They told mom that I called them and told about the accident. Mom was angry and I revealed that I made a plan with dad to fool everyone. Later on we had a great time."

Ankit Gera

Ankit Gera seen in Maharakshak Devi on Zee TV said,

"Once there was a project where some people ask me to come for the look test and all. I went there and they started laughing on me that everything is done. They were just playing a prank and I thought how foolish I was to come directly without calling them."

Kanwar Dhillon

Kanwar Dhillion last seen in Hum Hain Na on Sony TV said,

"We played a prank today as one of our friend was not meeting us from the couple of months. So we all other friends made a plan and called that friend. We told him that one of our group member had a fight on the road and now he is in police station. We told him to quickly at Charkop police station and there are two police stations out of which one is shut down. So we called him near the closed one. I was the mastermind behind all this."

TellyBuzz wishes their readers Happy Fool's Day!

Neha Jain

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Comments (56)

love ur acting nisha neha nayak..
sadda haq rocks
love param singh and harshita gaur

9 years ago

Nisha Neha Nayak what a great actress, love ur acting in Sadda Haq.

After Param Singh, Harshita Gaur & ur doing a great job in Sadda Haq

9 years ago

Nisha Neha Nayak awesum as Vidushi.. loving u and Ankit Gupta...
Param Singh and Harshita Gaur also doing a great job...
Sadda Haq rocks..

9 years ago

Nisha Neha Nayak ... In Shq u r doing superb as vidushi..

9 years ago

Superb acting by Nisha Neha Nayak.

U rock as Vidhushi in Sadda Haq

9 years ago

Love you param singh
Nisha neha nayak
Love sadda haq

9 years ago

love u paramsingh
harshita gaur
nisha neha nayak
keep rocking saddahaq :<))))

9 years ago

Sadda haq rocks...
Nisha u r such a prank star...

9 years ago

Nisha neha nayak you totally rock babe in SADDA HAQ!!!!

9 years ago

Sadda Haq is the best
Nisha Neha Nayak rocks as vidhushi...

9 years ago

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