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Actors speak about their plans of Holi!!

As the colorful festival of Holi is celebrated across the nation, our TV celebs are too excited to indulge themselves in the playful activity. We ask them about the festival, delicacies and more...

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As the colorful festival of Holi is celebrated across the nation, our TV celebs are too excited to indulge themselves in the playful activity. We ask them about the festival, delicacies and more...

Dev Joshi as Baal Veer from SAB TV's Baal Veer said, "Holi is my favorite festival and I love to celebrate it with my family and friends. For Holi I make sure that I am very ecofriendly by not using plastic balloons and all. This year I plan to celebrate Holi with my family along with my friends from my show Baal Veer and we all have decided to have lots of sweets and enjoy playing Holi and dancing. To all my viewers who are my best friends wishing you all a very happy and safe Holi."

Mansi Shrivastav as Shatabdi from SAB TV's Peterson Hill said, "Holi is a vibrant festival of colors so it has to be celebrated with colors definitely. I am not going to refrain me and my friends from this opportunity. We will be very generous in the usage of colors. I have loved this festival from my childhood and it's my favorite festival. I cannot be sitting at home on this day. Bright colors, water balloons, yummy gujiyas, one can't imagine Holi without it. So this all is going to be a part of my Holi plans. I wish happy Holi to everyone, may the colors of Holi fill your heart with warmth and joy."

Rohit Roy as Kishorilal Chadda from SAB TV's Peterson Hill said, "I celebrate Holi with my friends at Shabana Ji and Javed saabs house every year. It is so much fun as it is a small intimate bunch. Of course I'm totally in love with Shabana ji!! Before this, we used to play Holi with the Bachchan's and the high point of the evening for all of us used to be dancing with Amit Ji on Rang Barse!! All of us would imitate him while dancing with him!

Sucheta Khanna as Pinky Chadda from SAB TV's Peterson Hill said, Holi has always been an important festival in India.This festival reminds me of my childhood
We kids used to all gang up and play in water with colors but as time goes by when we get older its more about being with family and friends spending quality time with them. Well there is always food made in excess mithai and sweets exchanged.
Please play a safe Holi and have a safe holiday.

Aditi Sajwan who enacts the role of Koyal in Chidiya Ghar said, "I love colors and Holi is the best time when we get to play with colors. I have really fond memories of my childhood when we friends used to go out in groups to play Holi at each other's houses and not to forget mithai on the festival, gijiyas, jalebi, namak parethandai the list is long. Best thing about the festival is it's more of a social festival where you get to really bond with friends relatives and neighbors unlike other days. If taken in a good spirit and if decorum is maintained its one of the best and the most enjoyable festival. We recently played tomato Holi in our show Chidiya Ghar though it was during shoot we still enjoyed it a lot.  I guess the audience will again get to see a funny Holi sequence on the show. I wish all a safe enjoyable and colorful Holi.

Rupali Bhonsale who plays the character of Varsha Ghotala in Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hain said, "Ohh I love Holi me being Maharashtrian we have special food like Puran Poli, Katachi Amti than in the evening we all do Holi dehen and pray. It is said Holi takes away all the negative energy and the next morning day of color day of Joy. I basically don't play with color I go for Eco friendly colors and mostly I play with orphans. That's what I do every year me and my family we go there and even celebrate every festival with cancer patients.

Message for my fans would be save water and trees. Try and celebrate with Eco friendly colors if you could celebrate festivals with people who are less fortunate it would be the greatest satisfaction.

Atul Parchure who enacts the role of Chitragupt in Yam Hain Hum said, I love playing Holi with my friends, as kids it was a lot more fun but it's become civilized now. I wish I could play like the old days. I wish everyone a very happy and fun Holi.

Tanaaz Currim Irani who plays the role of Lisa D'souza in Badi Dooor Se Aaye Hain said, I love to play Holi and used to play a lot before at our TV parties etc. Get thrown in the pool and much more. But now it's much more simple especially with the kids around. My three years old hates it but my seven year old enjoys with his friends in the building. So we all take our plastic guns and color and go play.


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