Active mouth makes lazy minds

That’s what Waqar Sheikh and Vandana Lalwani of Sahara One's Bitto found after their incessant chatter got them carried away so much that they missed their flight…

Waqar Sheikh and Vandana Lalwani of Sahara One's Bitto, who play the role of Thakur and Rajjo learnt the hard way that at times it's best to give rest to that chatterbox and listen more.

According to our source, "There was a promotional event for Sahara One's new show Bitto scheduled to be held at Nagpur. The lead Pallavi Gupta (Bitto) was already present there while Waqar Sheikh and Vandana Lalwani were supposed to join the team at Indore. However, the duo  after collecting their boarding passes got so engrossed in their world of talking that they didn't pay attention to the flight call and missed boarding their flight to Indore."

The source adds, "This miffed the organizers so much that they asked the two to head back from the airport and that the event would begin without the two. However, the two added to the  channel authorities that it was no fault of theirs, the announcement for their flight was never made and that the flight took off without asking passengers to board!"

The source further tells us, "This was the height of insolence that the concerned officials could take. Especially when another person related to the event had made it just fine through the same flight. Obviously he couldn't have gotten a special invitation to board the flight. He must have gotten the information from a public addressing system only."

Hope Waqar Sheikh and Vandana Lalwani learn to be more attentive and not get absorbed in their private bubble from now on.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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This is a fake news.. just publicity stunts

13 years ago

I know NO flight that does NOT make an announcement. What idiots to use such a lame excuse only to have it backfire.

13 years ago

that is a too funny

13 years ago

she was really good in ek vivah...just hope she picks better roles now..

15 years ago

is it true ek vivaah isnt doing well in box-office.

15 years ago

she was great in Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi... she definitely deserves better roles, and hopefully she can get them now!!!

15 years ago

I liked Isha in the movie Darling. I don''t think she should blame her manager for roles that she can control to say No Or yes to them, it''s her choice.

15 years ago

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