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Abhinav Kohli responds to Shweta Tiwari's video live on social media with his own proofs

He was rather quick to give a response as he went live on Instagram to showcase his side with his set of proofs.

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It was only minutes ago that we reported about how actor Shweta Tiwari went on to post a video, which was the CCTV footage from her apartment’s lawn where it seemed like her separated husband Abhinav Kohli is trying to snatch their kid away from her followed by another video where the kid is apparently traumatised by the experience and has tucked himself under a blanket.

We wondered at that moment if Kohli will respond to this and In fact, he was rather quick to give a response as he went live on Instagram to showcase his side with his set of proofs. Kohli first posted some more unseen videos of pre and post the video that Tiwari had posted. One of them is from the lift where Kohli, Tiwari and their kid are present and seems to be from the time before the lawn incident. In that video, Kohli is recording where he asks the kid that where he does he want to go to which the kid once responds – papa ke paas (with his Dad). In the very same video, Tiwari is further heard saying that he doesn’t have to go to his father but has to stay with his mother. Kohli showed this video trying to out his side across that the kid, which Tiwari claims to be traumatised and unwilling to go to his father was in fact, willing to go to his father-


Kohli showed another video which was post the incident in the lawn took place where they are seen in the lobby and he is in fact seen coming back and giving the child back to Tiwari-


In a long live session, Kohli has continued to wrong all these claims made by Tiwari and he is also talking about other instances from their former altercations. He is still live on Instagram as we write this article where he is talking about a court notice in relation to the child’s custody.

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Aruna.negi 1 months ago Publicly itna nonsense chalu hain toh ghar pe Kitna nonsense chalu rahta hoga.
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-SilverAngel- 1 months ago At first I thought AK was at fault for making a public scene/ mockery of their own private familial breakup, but this is just plain wrong. The parents need to keep the child's needs first before their own otherwise the child will grow up wary and having lack of trust of others, and traumatized for life. I hope things resolve for them.
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luvumjht 1 months ago What crazy parents. These people will mess up the kid. God help this child.
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simplyme 1 months ago God that child is going to be so disturbed!!!! Both of these "adults" need to work out their differences at least for the sake of that child.
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pyar-ishk 1 months ago Someone needs to do intervention of these two to help with counseling cause this she said, he said and somewhere in the middle the truth, needs to be on realty TV
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