Abhidnya Bhave: Everything about 'Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si' is relatable

Abhidnya Bhave, aka Anagha of Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si, finds the title of the show relatable.

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Baatein kuch ankahee

Abhidnya Bhave, aka Anagha of Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si, finds the title of the show relatable. The actor says that there are a lot of things in our lives that we don’t want to talk about; sometimes, we feel things but don’t say them. Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si is produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut Production.

“I play Anagha, who is Vandu's (Sayli Salunkhe) best friend in college and is now married to Vandu’s brother. What drew me to the character was, first of all, the opportunity to work with Rajan Sir and DKP. Secondly, it is a character that is very relatable because every girl has dreams before marriage, whether it's about her husband or the house she's going to live in. These dreams don't always come true, and the struggle to come to terms with the fact that not all your dreams have been fulfilled is something I believe every woman goes through. There are many layers to this feeling of not having everything you've dreamed of. So, I think it's one of the most relatable characters for the audience, and that's what drew me to it,” she says.

One thing that he can relate to in the character is the genuine happiness of witnessing her best friend's growth, regardless of her own circumstances or location.

“When you have a true and genuine best friend, you don't dwell on questions like ‘What are your dreams?’ or ‘What is your capability?’ Instead, you feel pure joy when they succeed, make progress, and see their dreams come true. I genuinely feel happiness for them. I think this is the best aspect of my character. I am always genuinely happy for Vandu and genuinely want to see her succeed. This, to me, is the most beautiful part of having a best friend and receiving such support from a best friend,” she adds.

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The audience needs to connect with the themes explored in Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si. “I believe that music is the first medium to reach people's hearts. So, music in this show is going to be a super-duper hit for sure because it holds the key to success. Music has always been a secret to success. Secondly, the sarcasm is amazing. I mean, I myself have the opportunity to work with such talented actors who have been in the industry for a long time, including veteran actors and television superstars. I am truly grateful for all of that. I also think the whole conflict between a traditional joint family and a joint family formed solely for building an empire is a situation that Mumbai, and perhaps the whole world, is currently divided on. Everything about the show is relatable, and the themes it explores are extremely relevant,” she explains.

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