Abhay's heroic act saves Phulwa.

Colors' Phulwa to see breathtaking scenes, as Thakur plots his evil plan.


Swastik Picture's Phulwa on Colors has seen many twist and turns. Insiders now suggest that Thakur is all set to make a plan to kill Phulwa.
According to our source," On one hand, Abhay (Ajay Chaudhary) is slowly falling for Phulwa (Sargun Mehta) while on the other, Thakur is plotting to kill her. His plan goes like this. Thakur will leave the gas cylinder on, which bursts when Phulwa enters the kitchen. But Abhay saves her just in time."
We contacted Sargun who told us, "Yes, an accident will occur but Abhay will save me. But for the what and the how, you'll have to watch the episode."
Will this be a new beginning in Phulwa and Abhay's life? Let's wait and watch.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Sharat Kumar


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lovephab 8 years ago love u abhay...ur a very good actor...
2012-02-06 04:33:50
Allbut1 8 years ago This episode really set the dominoes falling, its unbelievable how far we've come in less than a month!
devraniharish 8 years ago this episode is awesome. Phulwa and abhay rocks together ..
avishinz 8 years ago this episode would be by far the best episode..

Can watch it mutilple times and not get fed up
Duray 8 years ago wah abhay wah abhay phulwa ko bachalega . love you abhay ...
CAT_z 8 years ago Uff..stop this show..no one like it..bakwas show..
aroojm 8 years ago awwwn i can't wait till tomorrows episode... i just love this show and i agree i don't understand y the rating is low.. it's better than some of the shows.. no offence to anyone.. just my opinion .. love these 2.. the best couples ever :)
anum95 8 years ago i like phulwa, it is one of the best shows but i dont know why the ranking is so low
MistiofMistz 8 years ago I hope indeed its gonna be a new beginning for them... They make awesome pair together on-screen.
Allbut1 8 years ago This just made my day! And the precap for tomorrow's episode looks fantastic! Can't wait...it's going to be an amazing track for sure!
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