AB Jr. in COLORS Balika Vadhu..

After Bigg Boss 2, Abhishek Bachchan is all set to do a special appearance in Balika Vadhu..

After Bigg Boss 2, Abhishek Bachchan is all set to do special appearance in another show of the channel, Balika Vadhu. The cast and crew of the show, played perfect host to AB Junior on the sets. Abhishek was spotted in varied tête-à-tête especially with Anandi & Jagdish – the main lead of the serial while shooting.

With barely few days left for the release of ‘Drona’, Abhishek is busy promoting the movie and his latest halt is the top show of Sphere Origin, ‘Balika Vadhu’ wherein Abhishek has shot a special episode with the complete cast of the serial.

Not only this, while shooting for his particular episode, Abhishek has also picked up Balika Vadhu’s famous argot and refers to his wife Aishwariya as his ‘Bheedni’ in true Rajasthani style. Aishwariya also sends her good wishes to the whole cast of the serial and wishes them all the best!  

To catch Abhishek Live on Balika Vadhu tune in to COLORS at 8 p.m. on 2nd October 2008.


Abhishek Bachchan

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-Goldy- 12 years ago saw the movie....it was awesome...I would recommend it to all my friends...go and watch it. u will not be disappointed
Angelic_J 12 years ago This review does not seem professional at all :( First of all there is NO FLOW in there and plus I think even the writer himself/herself is confused how to write this review. The movie is NOT bad at all so please don't make it look so bad :)
masin 12 years ago lols....i was looking frward to this movie.....the author wrote as if the movie's garbage!!!!! lmao!!!!! it can't be tht bad
Jazz94 12 years ago omg!i wanna watch this movie SO bad!Looks like its goona be a great entertainer!it looks so good!
live_life 12 years ago oh come on!! seems like the boys have the gud roles in the movie....there are like only 2 lines attributed to the grls performance....its like they dont have a gud role in this movie!!
But i bet the movie is relly gud
mango-frost 12 years ago who rote this?? seems the authore onli went to go see the movie to find some good and morality in the plot and characters...loll

uhh...did u not see it's promos b4 watching the actual movie lolll
ramani 11 years ago its a superb show guys watch it.

i jst hope n wish dat the creatives of the show dnt change the story line n run after idotic tracks like other shows do.

all the best balikavadu u rock
Cute_Jaita 11 years ago That's really a awesome news. I will surely watch this episode
i5hy 11 years ago cant wait for the episode:D
this will be good publicity for balika vadhu as well Drona.
AB chose the best serial to promote his film:D balika vadhu rocks:-)
saylithegreat 11 years ago thts great
i cant affort to miss tht epi
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