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Aashka Goradia walks down the road of Entrepreneurship!

Set to enter into the world of Business, TV actress Aashka Goradia speaks about her latest venture ISAYICE, her goal to flourish the business across the nation and much more in a conversation with TellyBuzz.

Pretty Aashka Goradia who plays Rani Dheerbhai Bhaytayni in Sony TV's historical saga Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap, she is managing her new venture of Ice Golas well which is known for its variety and it has been receiving good response from the people.

1. Being an actress, what made you walk down the road of entrepreneurship? 

A- Being an actress is like living my passion but being an entrepreneur is a dream. I have been raised amongst entrepreneurs and hence I had to walk that road.

2. How did the whole idea of setting a business come into your mind?

A- I wanted to get into a business that was experimental only in terms of going retail with the product (Ice golas) but I wanted to offer something that is forgotten in a better hygienic and tastier way.

3. But why a Gola Shop?

A- Yet again because I wanted to make something which was not a product that masses haven't tried. I wanted to offer it in a better manner and in a more in today's way.  From a child to a senior citizen, everyone enjoys golas and gets to relive their childhood.  It's a happy product.  

4. We hear that you have gone national recently with an outlet in Ahmedabad which is doing very well.  What made you go for Ahmedabad?

A- My business culture originated from Ahmedabad so I felt that I must go and branch out there. 

5. So what are your future plans regarding this business?

A- I would like to reach out to as many as we can.  Isayice is soon going to branch out with a Pan India product.  We are working on it.  Falling into the FnB (Food and Nutrition Board) industry, we have way too many and way too much to cater.  

6. What is your vision for ISAYICE?  

A- Isayice is going to set a trend in frozen desert industry. It's a young company but has a bright future. 

7. You have a joint venture with Bisleri Water.

A- Bisleri is one brand that is trusted to moon and back. Legend Mr Ramesh Chauhan is my inspiration. Bisleri loved the concept and the simplicity of the product. Water being the key ingredient for golas... Isayice wouldn't have built customer trust without Bisleri. I am proud and honored with this collaboration. All our products are made out of Bisleri products be it our syrups or golas.  

8. How is this Gola shop different from other desert cuisine?

A- It's a lot different in terms of taste. You feel heavy with an ice cream or a yogurt or maybe a piece of cake but a gola will only fill in your taste buds not your stomach.

9. It has been two years now after starting this business, how challenging was it to sustain yourself for so long and doing so well?

A- It has been challenging. We are still at our best to penetrate with retail but with the overwhelming response it won't take us too long to be out in every tier 2 to tier 1 towns and cities. 

10. Despite of your busy schedule, how do you manage time for your business?

A- I vary my schedule according to my requirements. There is always a way to find time toward something one is responsible towards and driven towards. 

11. The greatest lessons you have learned being an entrepreneur? 

A- Greatest lesson is one can never be perfect being an entrepreneur. Whole game is driven more in sync of guts and knowledge. 

12. Any plans to go international?

A- Not now. My initial two regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra are big enough to establish well here. 

13. Since summer season is coming near, so what would the desert lovers will expect from you shop? 

A- A variety of flavors. Mango specially. This summer we are promoting special flavors like Thai imli (tamarind), kiwi, and water melon with fresh pulps. 

14. How are your industry friends reacting to it? 

A- To whom I have met are in good reviews about it. Haters can have any reviews it doesn't hamper the business because I cater to masses. Some of them are also willing to take up a franchisee. 



Aashka Goradia Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap  Sony TV 

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