Aarakshan brings up the issue of 'Quota System'

Imagine TV's new show Armanon Ka Balidaan-Aarakshan deals with the sensitive issue of reservation


After coming up with shows of various concepts, Imagine TV is again all set to get the audience glued to the screen with yet another sensitive issue. This time the channel has come up with a concept that has not yet been tried in the Indian Television Industry; reservation, which is still in voracious discussion even today.

Imagine's upcoming show Armanon ka Balidaan-Aarakshan, is a joint venture by Ravindra Gautam's RG entertainment and Kamal Pandey's Kaamadgiri Productions and the story deals with a sensitive issue of quota system and its effect on the youngsters. This issue has been an intense topic of discussion since 1990, as it brought about a condition wherein certain youngsters benefited and the others suffered.

Talking about the concept of the show Saurabh Tewari, Head of Fiction Programming, Imagine TV says " This is the first time that we are trying a concept like this because the reservation issue has been in discussion but was never shown to the audience in this manner as it is very sensitive."

Speaking about the backdrop of the story he says "The story is about a middle class family who  has lost their son (set himself on fire) fighting against this issue. The incident took place in 1990 but the family is still in the trauma."

Pariva Pranati who portrays the lead role in the show says "My character name is Sumedha who is a very bubbly and happy girl externally and tries to bring in the happy element in the family because the family has not yet come out of the incident that has happened twenty years back. But at the same time she is very sensitive inside which she does not show."

Rahoul Lohani who was last seen in Bidaai is now portraying a very insightful character in this show. Talking more about his role he says "  My character name is Shivam and I portray a character who is really confused about his being because his elder brother had committed suicide for the issue and now he has failed in his IAS dreams. So he is in the state where he is frustrated with the society and its issues "

The talented actor Muni Jha portrays a powerful guardian in this show and says "I play the role of the father in the show and this is the third opportunity that I received to work with the same production team "

Aarya Dharamchand Kumar who was lately seen in Sarvagunn Sampanna will be seen in a powerful role in this show. He says "The character name is Aakash and the character is very powerful who holds a respected position of District Magistrate in the society. He is a very responsible person and is in love with the girl but is scared to open his heart because he is from a low cast".

Since this is a sensitive issue that the production team is dealing with, there is always a question of controversy, but regarding this the Producer and Director Ravindra Gautam says "Yes it is indeed a sensitive issue but we have already taken precautions how to do deal with it. But as of now the promos are on air and till now we have not received any negative wibes."

The show goes on air from 29 November at 8:30 PM in Imagine TV

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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RoseFairy 9 years ago reservation should be for economically backword class...coz there are rich people too in lower class too..and dere are poor people too in upper class...
Moodyblue 9 years ago its a sensitive issue... wish it gets executed in a rightful way!
Ishan. 9 years ago I am looking forward to watching this show , concept is nice and I hope they handle it properly. Please dont involve much family drama in the show.
misschocolate 9 years ago good too see u back soon..concept of show is interesting..hope we wont get disappointed
Shaina_b 9 years ago I don't think they will show the issue properly!!!!

Aradhana87 9 years ago good too see u back...quota system is a sensitive subject indeed but I think the audience is ready for it
crazygod 9 years ago Its indeed a brave attempt.... But i just wonder that main issue is not sidelined... As I personally feel it will be a story of hatred between two families (one that lost the son and other which benefitted from the arakshan) and a love-hate story ensuing between protagonists... I sincerely wish they tackle the issue and suggest a solution; rather than drifting away from the issue...
rajkumar11cc 9 years ago good finally someone in the society has come up with new idea. it sounds nice. hope this brings some changes in the society
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