'Aap Ki Kachehri is emerging as a citizens' court' - Kiran Bedi

The very respected Kiran Bedi talks about her chat show on Star Plus that has opened up to amazing reviews...

Kiran Bedi, one of India's finest and highest ranking officials in the Indian Police showcases her experience and knowledge of 35 years of expertise in the field on Star Plus' show, Aap Ki Kachehri.

Here she speaks to Telly Buzz about the show.
How do you identify with the cases and people?
It's a developing thing. Initially we visited NGO's that are legally authorized and approached the people out there. We contacted dozens of organizations. Certain terms and conditions were put up and we met up with the people staying in these organizations. We shared their feelings and day to day dilemmas. At the end of the day it's all about absorbing human dilemmas and resolving them with the basic rights.
When monetary help is given, what sort of precautions do you take to ensure that the money is used in the right way?
We usually try and ensure that the money is used in the right way. But in situations like alcohol addicts and druggies, we do in kind rather than giving them money. We send the person to the rehab so that they can cure themselves. For instance, there are cases when the parents are not able to take care of children, we then put the money in the children's name.
What do you have to say about the show?
It is a real show. It is all about the problems that people face in their lives. Although it is not an instructional program, we do learn a lot from it. We learn about the obligations to our families and how things can be resolved. Sometimes, we don't always understand the solutions to the problems we face, but we still learn something from it.
How difficult was it to bring the common man on national television and discuss their problems?
We don't hide anything from anybody. We told each and every person right from the beginning that everything will be recorded. We went through a legal document with everyone so that they were aware of the entire situation.
What were the measures taken to protect women who were estranged from their families?
The hoardings put up are not real and before coming on the show, every person was aware of what they were going to face. What they say on camera is not at all scripted. I don't think it is their fear of isolation that brings them here, it's more their need for justice. The main fact here is that people are opening up. They come here when they have nothing more to lose in life. And Aap Ki Kachehri is not about isolating anybody. They can come back to us anytime they want. In fact, it is all about a platform where people can speak up with more courage. There was a case where the girl is a Marshall Arts trainer, but yet complains that her husband beats her. She had got married early and since she was well trained, we got her to start working in an NGO, teaching students Marshall Arts. Aap Ki Kacheri is emerging as a citizens' court. 
What made you to do this kind of a show?
The concept, because it is in continuity to my spirit of work.
Any case you have come across where it was difficult for you to pass judgment?
I don't think it was ever difficult for me to pass judgment on any case.
You have been an inspiration to so many people, who has been your inspiration?
My parents and my home. Home had always been my biggest inspiration as there was always a competition between us four sisters. 

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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please help me mam,
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13 years ago

It''s a great show, kinda of like People''s Court... but it''s greatly needed in India, where most cases take years to get heard in court...


15 years ago

This show is very interesting, Kiran bedi is a true role model for girls every where. I love how she conducts her self with so much dignity

15 years ago

this show issssss best
love dis show
kiren bedi is the bestttttttttttttt!!!

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