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Aap Ki Antara gets all the critical acclaim..

The channel and production house have been getting constant calls and feed backs from places like Indonesia, USA and UK, apart from India on their show dealing with autism...

Published: Friday,Jul 03, 2009 19:28 PM GMT-06:00
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Zee TV's Aap Ki Antara, produced by Drishtant Media Pvt. Ltd has received critical acclaim from all parts of India and also from abroad.

According to our source, "The channel and production house have got great responses from USA, UK and Indonesia. There have been calls coming from mothers who have autistic kids, applauding the team on working on such a concept and portraying it in a very realistic manner".

One such incident has really encouraged the entire team to strive harder. "A woman from Johannesburg, South Africa had come down to India for vacations, and she happened to visit Mumbai. She had been to the Siddhivinayak temple, and from there she enquired the taxi driver whether he watches a show called Aap Ki Antara on Zee. When he could not help her, she asked him to take her to the main office of Zee TV, and there she happened to meet the entire team working on the show. She also met the team from the production house, and profusely thanked all for making such a show".

"The lady was very much moved because she is the mother of a 19 year old autistic boy. The boy was always being called names by his friends who had literally nicknamed him as 'Devil'. She told the team that the show launched in South Africa just 20 days back, and after seeing the kid Antara and her symptoms in the show, the people in her locality understand her kid's problems better and are being very considerate now", adds our source.

We called up Producer Mohnish Sekhri who shared his happiness with us and said, "This incident was really remarkable, and the lady's story has really motivated us even more to deal with this subject and bring awareness about autism to the viewers watching the show".

Well, we really hope and pray that shows like this create all the awareness possible in the minds of masses!! 

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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-Pj- @-Pj- 14 years ago ive nva watched his show bt i didnt no dat t was about this i would hve watched it i glad that they are showing n frm the praise seem like they are handling it in the manner in which it deserves
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ashka0 @ashka0 14 years ago where did they get such a cute girl lyk antara from?
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Jasmine @Jasmine... 14 years ago love this show...unique concept and love the way its been presented...Antara is so cute :))
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Tanni @DivianTanz_Divz 14 years ago It's d best show of Zee right now. No other show can compete with it in concept. May be some shows r getting high trps instead of some baseless stories, but AA will grab ds. Becus it deserves ds. It should get high trps. It makes me cry sometimes. Awesome show. I love it very much and watch only ds one serial.
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Tani @Tani91 14 years ago I love this show...it deserves all the acclaim it gets..I love Antara and her dad Aditya..also Vidya
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Masooma Bukhari @MasoomaBukhari 14 years ago I hope that more and more people like this show so that according to an article, Zaina who plays Antara, stays for a longer time in the show than three months.
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happy99 @happy99 14 years ago love this show but missing these days due to power cuts in bangalore
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pallavi25 @pallavi25 14 years ago Kudos to Zee and producers for dealing with a subject like autism which is practically ignored in India! I hope viewers understand and become more sensitive to this condition!
The little girl is really sweet and doing an amazing job!
The storyline is following Masoom but I guess that will dramatize Antara's acceptance by Vidya even more!
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mimi0295 @mimi0295 14 years ago This show is so moving indeed. My friends brother has autism, and it's so sad to watch people make fun of him because he can't do things the way we do... because he's different.
I really hope this show continues to open the eyes of more and more people. Autism is NOT a disease and it is NOT something bad. People who have it have a harder time doing things WE take for granted.
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