Aamir Dalvi turns autistic for Zee TV's Sanskaar Lakshmi..

Aamir Dalvi, the actor who is known for his versatile roles on television is up for his next challenge in Zee TV's Sanskaar Lakshmi..

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Aamir Dalvi is always known as a versatile actor who does not repeat himself in the roles that he takes!! Whether it be his challenging and unique roles in Jabb Love Hua, Jeevan Saathi, Saathi Re, Main Aisi Kyun Hoon?, or his very recent stint in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki and Jyoti, Aamir has always given his best.. 

The talented actor is now all to set to give life to yet another challenging role in Zee TV's upcoming show, Sanskaar Lakshmi where he dons a new avatar of an autistic patient who is very intelligent and is loved by his family.

Speaking about his role Aamir tells Tellybuzz "In my last show Jyoti I was seen as a very flamboyant and  fun loving guy Kabir, who is outspoken and does not care about his family. And now I am transported to a completely different role of an autistic person."

Talking about the challenge he faced, Aamir says "When we do a positive or negative character, somewhere in the journey you can always relate yourself to that character. But being in an autistic character is something that I felt really difficult doing. I am doing such a character for the first time and it is really a difficult one; I am finding it really tough to relate myself. I have always tried to experiment with roles and I am happy that I got to do such a role".

Aamir Dalvi plays the 27 year old Mahendra who is the eldest son of Harsukh (Rajesh Shringarpure). Though autistic from birth, he is a very intelligent man and has a way with words that enables him to say the right things at the right time. However, this doesn't mean that he wants to be treated any differently from anyone else. Honest, simple and lovable, Mahendra just doesn't know how to be diplomatic and how to lie. He is a good judge of people and speaks his mind, at times voicing his opinions and giving out the truth. However, after having been rejected by many girls for marriage, he is hounded by a complex and is afraid of mixing with people since he wants to avoid being hurt.

Sanskaar Laxmi which is produced by Rajesh Joshi and Rajesh Pavitran will hit the screens from 17 January, Monday to Thursday, at 10:30pm on Zee TV.

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wat, he look so dashing in here , and in show he is so dam different

13 years ago

love to see u back so soon. best of luck for the new role. waiting for the show to hit the screens.

13 years ago

yahoo!!! cant wait to see Aamir Dalvi on screen again, always a big fan and always will be, good luck on ur new avatar!!:)

13 years ago

he is certainly versatile...gud luck to him

13 years ago

good for her.. excellent ... very happy for her

15 years ago

Although there are many beautiful bollywood girls that would be great brand ambassadors for the huge exclusive brands, Freida is the only other indian except for Celina Jaitley who has tried to gain international - not just indian attention. Ash became too picky with her roles and took PP2 role rejected by Celina and the others esp like Katrina (with her hawaii modeling contacts) who could make it really big if she wanted to seem to not bother.........

15 years ago

good to know. Hope she gets all highs in the world.

15 years ago

yup i heard this news
hope she wil join
best of her luck

15 years ago

that''s gr8!
congratz freida!

15 years ago

wow that''s so cool! i hope she signs it! she''s really good.

15 years ago

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