Aahat opens with good ratings...

Fireworks and Sony's popular horror show Aahat - The Whole New Series has opened to good viewer response which is indicative in first week ratings...

As we all know, B.P. Singh's Firework Productions and Sony are back with a whole new series of Aahat. The show which launched on Friday the 13th of November, opened to a great response, and their first week TVR is indicative of this.

According to our source, "The first week's story in Aahat which was a continuation with the story of CID has been well received by the audience. Friday's opening episode got them an average of 3.2 TVR, while Saturday's average TVR marked 3.5".

Aahat has Chaitanya Chaudhary, Krystle D'Souza and Vishal Gandhi as the main protagonists who work as documenters. The first week's story had Sreejita De and Vishal Watwani as the principal cast, and the story was about a particular train which arrives at the Blara Junction which actually kills people who board it.

Our source informs, "The story used for the first week was basically a script which was planned to be made into a film. However, when Fireworks decided to come up with a whole new series of the popular show Aahat, they worked on the same script so that they get a gala opening for their show".

The production house has not left any stone unturned in getting the best of visual effects. "The train sequence which was shot cost the production house nearly 50 lakhs. The scene was shot at the very famous railway station, Apta, which is situated about 150 kms away from Panvel. This is the very train in which was shot the popular Kajol-SRK scene in the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. The train has always been a popular spot for Bollywood film makers, and scenes in Khakee, Mohabbatein and Wanted have also been shot here.. In addition to this, the underwater sequence which was shown in the episode has also received acclaim for the manner in which the team has shot them. This particular sequence cost them nearly Rs. 50,000/", informs our source.

The second story which will be telecast this Friday will see Priya Bhatija as the principal cast.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Chaitanya Chowdhury

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Comments (12)

umm it wasn't scary but funny

i loved ahat wich was aired yrs ago n it was scary but den i guess i was lil mebe dats y but anyways i expected it to be much better, hope next week's epi is much better n gudluk to entire team of ahat


14 years ago

promos were gud which was actually responsible for such a nice opening but d content of the show was stupid n not scary at all...sad coz I was expectin much more than this...

14 years ago

It wasn't scary at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was really disappointed. the whole idea of the train sucks

14 years ago

Good to see the return of a classic show :-D

God bless.

14 years ago

Thats awesom luv aahat
cant w8 for friday

14 years ago

gr8 show .. loved the train grafix and undrwatr sequence a lot

14 years ago

Even though Aahat isn't really scary but the way the epi was shot was really good compared to other Indian horror shows. I love this show and hopefully it will get the highest ratings in the weekend slots for Sony =D

Good luck to the entire team of Aahat :p

14 years ago

d epi was sooo funny....n s2pid... nu'n so scary....as usual, ghosts cumin wid doz painted faces...i din lik it at ol! no offnce!

14 years ago

Its really good..i liked it veryy much..though soe scenes were tooo much!

14 years ago

Wowwww..3.5 !!!!..Thats such a good response indeed!!..Im soo happy..Sony has understood that ppl love & enjoy shows like CID & Aahat.

14 years ago

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