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A twist to the silent love of Radha and Shlok!!

After the successful completion of one year, the serial Parivaar on Zee is all set to take a needed twist. Will the silent love of Shlok and Radha ever open up? Catch details here...

Published: Thursday,May 08, 2008 19:20 PM GMT-06:00
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Although we have reached the 21st century, our society still lives with a 19th century mentality. This is what Zee’s Parivaar - Ek Kartavya Ki Pariksha tries to explain to the audience thru’ the latest twist in the show. The Telly Buzz team gives you an exclusive peak to the twist that’s going to happen.
A twist to the silent love of Radha and Shlok!!
As seen in the current track of Parivaar, the main protagonist Deepti Devi, better known as Radha, has feelings for Krishna Sharma aka Shlok but is unable to express, for the fear of being rebuked as she is a widow. To avoid any confrontations, Radha moves away from Shlok’s life so that he can get married to Aarti. However, to her misfortune both Aarti and Sonalika realize that she is in love with Shlok and reveal it to Radha’s family. Apart from the new entry into the serial Manorama, played by Apara Mehta, everyone is shell shocked to hear of this since they still consider widow re-marriage taboo.

When asked about this new twist in the show, Krishna Sharma says, “The twist will make a huge difference in the show. Until date, the audience was shown the love triangle between Radha, Shlok and Aarti, but now the truth is finally revealed that I love Radha and not Aarti. The whole revelation has been planned by Sonalika to cause further trouble in Radha’s life. What happens after the truth is out is to be seen by the viewers.” Annotating on the twist Apara Mehta adds, “Manorama is a very broad minded person and accepts practices like widow re-marriage. When she learns the truth about Shlok and Radha, she is immensely happy as she is the only person who supports it.”

With this twist, the show touches the very sensitive issue of widow re-marriage. On this topic Krishna opines, “I completely support widow re-marriage. Every widow deserves a chance to live her own life. If she has lost her husband, it’s not her fault. Moreover, if men can re-marry, then why can’t women? I feel sorry to see the state of things in today’s society. We discuss about equality in parliament but when it comes to implementation, nothing is actually done.”

We really hope that this refreshing twist unites the love-birds Shlok and Radha and gets the serial good TRPs...
Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani

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SimranD @SimranD 15 years ago I only started to watch this serial recently because of the great chemistry between these two characters. I somehow think the dead brother will reappear when they finally are about to get married.
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Jazz Rocks @JasminBhasinFan 15 years ago Really... Krishna is as sweet as his name!!
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Kim @Kim_ 15 years ago his name is sachin sharma not krishna :p
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Faiza91 @Faiza91 15 years ago i thought shloks real name was sachin sharma, when did he become krisha sharma?
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Manisha @ManishaRox 15 years ago Love the chemistry between Radha and Shlok. Can't wait to watch it.
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burgerchaap @burgerchaap 15 years ago AwWwnNn!
How Sweet Of Krishna! =)
I Also Think That If A Widow Re-Marries Someone Its Okay!
Everyone Has The Right To Live His/Her Life =)...

Btw Interesting Article!
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Jessi @mz.jess 15 years ago plz lket shlok not lv aha.

anyways sholk is so cute :) & her and radha makea good pair
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah @Rita Shah 15 years ago Great going. I like this show. I'll now love watching this show since Apra Mehta is a great artist. She will rock the show.
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* ~ Roshni ~ *
Roshni @* ~ Roshni ~ * 15 years ago lol I thought sumthing major was going 2 happen 2. I thought we might not have Shlok anymore considering the history of the show
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*Resham* @*Resham* 15 years ago atleast now can we expect them to get married?

This is now ought to be seen
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