A toothy punch for Dodo...

Jas Karan aka Dodo received a punch on his face that cost him a tooth or two recently...


There was an unfortunate fiasco on the sets of Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum recently when Dodo aka Jas Karan Singh received a punch from CJ that cost him a tooth or two!!

According to our source, "There was a scene wherein at the end of the Valentines bash, Dodo is given a punch on his face by CJ. However, when shooting for the scene, CJ ended up punching so hard that Jas Karan had two of his teeth broken".

We called Jas to know what exactly went wrong, and the actor sounded very livid. "Yes, it is true that I lost two of my teeth in the incident, and I am now undergoing treatment. Accidentally, the actress judged the punch wrong and hit hard on my face breaking my teeth. Such incidents are fine and I don't blame the girl here".

"But I want to add here that I am angry at the production house because they refused to reimburse the big money I am spending on my treatment. I am paying out of my pockets for no fault of mine. And when I asked for compensation, they refused to do so. Come on, I was shooting for them when this accident happened, and I was not fighting on the road", states the actor in an angry tone.

Well, we just hope Jas Karan gets all the support of his fans here that will bring a smile on his face!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


Jaskaran Singh

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mjht2dmg 11 years ago omg so CJ punched that had? lol!
poor guy! get well soon uday!
diya5 11 years ago This content is hidden.
dmg_freak 11 years ago awwww poor dodo......m really feeling sorry 4 him n by god CJ upunched him soooooooooo hard da two of his teeth broke. get well soon uday vaia;p
-Nymphadora- 11 years ago bechara!!!i feel so soryy for him!!get well soon dodo!!!
wackysharu 11 years ago @jinica he is KSG''s cousin brother... this was on d forums also
jinica 11 years ago This content is hidden.
*Adorable_Anu* 11 years ago Haila..how hard did CJ punch?Strong girl..lol..Poor Jas yaar..hope he''s alryte..
aashly 11 years ago This content is hidden.
ArmaansGirl 11 years ago OMG! poor baby! :( awwww 2 teeth broke nn he ahs 2 undergo a treatment?? wow! i realli dnt lyk da production house 4 MJHT n DMG! dis is not da 1st tym an actor s hving probs w/ dem! dey r soo mean! 1st shilpa dan mayyu n now jas! sooo annoying! realli nto fair! he was on a shoot n dis happened..da production hosue should b paying! :(
dat realli mkes me angry..da actors sty up day n nyt wrking 4 dem n dis is da hospitallty dey get in return? just luk @ parul chauhan 4 xample..bechari fainted on JDJ from stress n weakness..shes soo bzee in her shoots she can hrdly tke cre of herself! :( realli annoying..no wonder actords dese dyz hve demands..dnt blame dem..who wnts 2 b treated lyk dis? NOT FAIR! :(
tulipbaby53 11 years ago awww poor boy! that''s really awful what the production company did to him! >.<
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