A striking similarity for Mata Ki Chowki lead...

Rahul Raj Singh, lead protagonist of Sahara One's Mata Ki Chowki had a shocked in store when he received several calls from his well wishers inquiring about his well-being..

Rahul Raj Singh, the notorious criminal was recently encountered by the Mumbai police. But the news doing rounds in the television industry is that it was the lead actor of Mata Ki Chowki who was gunned down by the cops.


In a freakish co-incidence, the lead actor of Mata Ki Chowki, Rahul Raj Singh, shares his name with Mumbai's notorious criminal who was shot dead in Mumbai on a BEST bus. Even bigger co-incidence is that they hail from the same part of Ranchi. Speaking about the similarities, Rahul says, "Imagine my surprise when I saw my name flashing on all news channels reporting that a person with the same name was encountered by the cops. I received numerous calls from friends and family inquiring about my well being."


Adding further he says, "It was clearly a misunderstanding and I can assure you that apart from a common nomenclature, I share nothing else with the criminal. I admit I was stunned by the phone calls I got, but later realized that some of my friends were just calling to make fun of me."


Well, now that sure is one hell of a coincidence!!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Rahul Raj Singh

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Raj Singh

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i love vaishnavi n vansh.He is handsome .

14 years ago

that really must have been scary!

15 years ago

that''s a scary coincidence!


15 years ago

if that happened to me, i would freak out!

15 years ago

huh... i was shock after reading 1st line. but knw i m ok..

15 years ago

I think that both Smriti and Gautami are good as Tulsi.

16 years ago

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