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A Rendevouz with Amit and Falon...

Telly Buzz chats with the first ever champions of Zee TV's DID Doubles...


Being in the bottom two after the first round, Amit and Falon had no hopes of winning Zee TV's DID Doubles championship. But the seven consequent Grand Salutes proved all wrong and today they wear the Sunehri Taqdeer Ki Topi.

Telly Buzz had a chat with the stars of the show and they opened their hearts about their journey in DID Doubles.

How do you feel after winning the title of the first DID Doubles champions?
Falon: I feel really awesome and the fact is it hasn't even sunk in mind yet.
Amit: Great! From a background dancer to a dancing star; finally 'a dream come true'.

Did you ever think that you would make it to the top?
Falon: Honestly, we had a very bad audition in the beginning, after which we had a doubt whether we would even make it to the top twelve. But the first performance and the series of grand salutes, gave us more confidence which was again lost after we were sent to the bottom two. We really didn't think we would make it to the finals, but finally we made it.
Amit: Like she said, we had a very bad start where we didn't think we would make it to the top twelve, but after we made it to top twelve, there was no looking back.

How has the journey been in DID Doubles?
Falon: The journey has been crazy, filled with mixed emotions. We had stressful days both mentally and physically, but we knew we were in the biggest dance reality show of India and we learnt a lot. Actually I was preparing for the auditions for Season three of Dance India Dance, but when I came to know it is doubles this time, Amit and I decided to participate because we both were planning to get in.
Amit: The journey was really great from episode one till date. I think we, Marzi Ke Mastane, have performed very different styles of dance where we learnt something new every day. We had versatile dancers in our team.

Marzi Pestonji has been your mentor; what would you like to say about him?
Falon: I don't think I will be able to put it in words because he had so much faith in us that we ourselves didn't have. He always said that nothing is impossible and we can do it. We were like a big family there, where we ate together and spent the whole day with each other.
Amit: He is a 'Gaurdian Angel' and he never treated us as students. Also he never made us feel that he is a choreographer. He always made us feel at home where we used to sit and chat and have food together. Whenever we felt really tired after late night practice, he just used to say 'Take an off'. He is a very 'take it easy' person, always encouraging us.

Tell us one thing about him that the audience does not know?
Amit: The way he is a person at the rehearsals, we never felt that he is a choreographer. He always used to learn with us and used to say that 'I don't know if I can do that, but this is what I want'. And sometimes he used to ask 'how did you do that, can I try it the way you did? Let's learn together.'
Falon: He is not the typical strict master, because he was more like a friend and he used to take care of us really very well.

Who were your other favourites?
Falon: Undoubtedly Pritvi and Vivek because I feel they are fab.
Amit: Pritvi and Vivek, because they are fabulous dancers and if they had reached the finals, we would have had a tough time beating them. I really thought they would be with us.

Which is your most memorable  performance?
Falon: Our first performance on Tadap Tadap because we received the first Grand Salute for that and it was like a cherry on the cake after all the bad auditions that we had given and the stress we had put in for the performance. After that performance, we received seven Grand Salutes after that.
Amit: Tadap Tadap.

What do you think were your strengths and weaknesses when compared to the others?
Falon: I feel that our chemistry was one of the main aspects because we understand each other very well and I feel we were really smooth and at ease with the lifts as well. At the same time we both are really hyper.
Amit: Our strength is the chemistry that we had, but at the same time we get nervous very easily. Because, after the first performance when we got to the bottom two, we were really shocked because we felt that the audience wants us to look down rather than fly high. But later I guess they decided to be with us.

Do you think the team deserved to win?
Amit: Of Course, Marzi Ke Mastane deserved to win because we were very well planned about the acts and we had showcased ample dance styles as well. I think the way we used props that people couldn't even think of using for a dance, blew everyone's minds. The eighteen chairs, the nails, the ship prop and the visual effects that was given by the ribbon arrows, all were great.

Who dod you think would win the competition?
Amit: I really thought Pritvi and Vivek would win.
Falon: I did not really give a thought to who would win because I always concentrated on our performance and was focusing on the Sunehri Takdeer Ki Topi.

What was the first thing that came to your mind when your names were called out?
Falon: Honestly, I went blank when the name was announced and it was when I saw Amit rejoicing I realized that we actually won the competition.
Amit: I had a flashback of memories flowing in my mind and, I know it sounds cliched but, tears rolled down. Starting from the days as a background dancer and to be in the limelight today as a dancing star, I think we have proved that dancing can get you somewhere. If I close my eyes now, I can still hear crowd yelling and screaming.   

Salman won a song sequence with Salman Khan, Shakti got a chance to work with Akshay Kumar; where will we see you?
Falon: Actually we have no clue about it, I think the channel would be able to help you with that.
Amit: We really do not know about that, but now I am enjoying my Tata Nano at the moment.

What are your future plans?
Falon: We have not decided anything because we were only focused on winning the show. Amit used to say 'first let's just win and then decide about future'. I have no plans on starting my classes and if I am taking classes, that would be for Shiamak. But along with that I would like to do my own stuffs.
Amit: There is no plan as of now because our main focus was on winning the show. We are still in the excitement of winning the best dance reality show which was watched by around 167 countries. The feel of being a part of it is, wow. But today even if Shaimak sir calls me to perform as a background dancer, I would still do it because he is the one who made me what I am today.  

Describe your journey from a back ground dancer to dancing super star.
Falon: The journey has been completely awesome because everyone knows that in India people do not consider much of a background dancer. And I have always dreamed of getting to the top one day. Today I am really happy that I am giving autographs to people and I was more excited to give an autograph than the person who was receiving it.

A memorable incident?
Falon: There are so many small things that are really memorable and I remember when Dada told us that 'whenever I think of not giving a Grand Salute to Amit and Falon, they never let me do it and compel to give me one.'
Amit: I think the journey itself is unforgettable. If I look back, I remember the days when I used to go to work as a background dancer and today if I had not won the title I would be the same, dancing behind the stars.

Now that the curtain has fallen, who will you miss from the show?
Falon: I will miss everything from the show; from the stage to all the minute things. I will definitely miss the contestants because we had an amazing batch of people there and being in the first season of DID Doubles makes it even more special. I will miss all from Marzi Ke Mastane because 24X7 we were together from day one.
Amit: Marzi, because we were like a family where we used to sit and chat and go mad and crazy together.   

What would you like to say to the audience who made you win the show?
Falon: I would like to thank them for the unconditional love they showered upon us and no matter how much Grand Salutes we have got, you made us winners because the decision was in your hands.
Amit: Thumbs up to all the people who saw the potential in us and voted for us. I know we all have worked hard but at the same time the credit is not just for us, it belongs to them as well. I remember asking my friends in class to vote for me and they used to say 'dude, why are you begging, you are one among us and we are proud of you and it is our pleasure to vote for you.'

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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11simonee 9 years ago Havent watched this season at all.. but ya,, have all the collection....... soon going to watch it and huge round applause to the winners,,, many many congratulations... hope, best one won the title/// hope it was fair judgement..... :) :) :)
yipee 9 years ago congrats to amit and falon for the win and wishing them all the luck for their future
gop94 9 years ago me and my mom are very happpppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
thanks god that they got sunehri taqdeer ki topi
shivani003 9 years ago Amit n Falon u guys totally deserve this title! Me n my family are very happy u guys won. I would have voted for u guys if I lived in India. And yea ur ryt, Prithvi n Vivek deserved to be among u guys in the finale. Oh well u two teams are my fav and Iam happy that being background dancers u guys have made it so far. A big CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Well deserved :D
love_girish 9 years ago not a good news...didn't really want them to win. but anyways congrats
Fari.Kashian 9 years ago awwww no. Didnt want them to win! I think they are both amazing dancers but I wished Rajeevs Rockers to win it =(
Its ok, congo to you guys. You were amazing though.
sweet_angel27 9 years ago Didn't follow this season at all, but Congratulations to the winners! :)
maan4love 9 years ago congrats amit nn falon and marzi.i just loved the chemistry between u.u were awesome in ur every performance
Vishakha_Sakhi 9 years ago Congratulations to Amit, Falon and Marzi!!
Tilashini 9 years ago congratulation AMIT & FELON u rock!!2011-04-10 10:34:45
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