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A RAY of Meaningful Cinema

Zee STUDIO celebrates the celluloid genius of Satyajit Ray, with the Satyajit Ray Film Festival...

Published: Wednesday,Dec 05, 2007 16:47 PM GMT-07:00
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As part of its constant endeavour of bringing rich, stimulating cinema to its discerning audience, Zee Studio proudly announces ‘Saluting Satyajit Ray, a Satyajit Ray Film Festival, commencing on Sunday, 2nd December,3 pm with Apur Sansar, the legendary filmmaker’s timeless classic.

Airing every Sunday at 3 pm on Zee Studio, the festival will showcase some of Ray’s finest works including Devi, Parash Pathar, Samapti, Simabaddha, Postmaster and Joi Baba Felunath with English subtitles to encourage appreciation by a wider audience.

Speaking about Zee Studio’s tribute to Ray, Neil Chakravarti, Business Head, Zee Studio, saidSatyajit Ray’s films are an experience on celluloid that a genuine lover of Cinema cannot afford to miss. We are certain that the Ray Festival will greatly appeal to the mature viewer with a taste for meaningful cinema

A RAY of Meaningful Cinema
While Apur Sansar starring Sharmila Tagore and Soumitra Chatterjee is the final part of the famous Apu Trilogy, Parash Pathar takes you on a trip of fantasy as an elderly bank clerk finds a mysterious stone that transforms any piece of metal to gold. Samapti traces the life of Amulya who marries a tomboyish teenager much against the wishes of his mother. Simabaddha, the powerful drama follows a young executive’s climb up the corporate ladder and his gradual immersion into corruption seen through the eyes of his sister-in-law. While Devi is a fascinating account of how an aged landowner has a revelation that his daughter-in-law is the Goddess Kali incarnate, Post Master beautifully explores the nuances of a complex relationship between a young man and his maid. Joi Baba Felunath starring Utpal Dutt and Soumitra Chatterjee is the story of a detective who begins to investigate the theft of a priceless deity of Lord Ganesha.
Tune into Zee Studio, Every Sunday 3:00pm Starting the Sunday, 2nd December.
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Mrs.Isha Jay bhanushali @*Sweet_Ishu* 15 years ago thanks a lot.
will try watching that movie.
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ishimukh @ishimukh 15 years ago wow i'm a big fan of his movies.

they're old but excellent
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Bhaskar @Bhaskar.T 15 years ago Thats really awesome!!!

Never liked Devi. They could have added Sonar Kella instead.

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Pensive @Pensive 15 years ago zee studio doesnt come to my place :(...watched agantuk only yesterday..one of my favourite ray film
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Shreya @AVFAN 15 years ago sounds great will surely try to watch all.
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 15 years ago I enjoyed 'Apur Sansar' this weekend - watched it after quite long actually.. Love all his movies, looking fwd to this retrospective.
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Hiral @hiral_anju0930 15 years ago am truely looking fowrad to it...
His books have been the biggest inspiration to me...
Cant wait for sunday...
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shubha @GetbusyLiving 15 years ago i owe these guys..for showcasing satyajit ray's movies...i am a big fan of his master pieces since i saw Charulata....i have been searching for his vids since then..but couldn't find one with eng subtitles...last sunday i did watch Apur Sansar...having Sharmila tagore and soumitra chatterjee...wat a brilliant film it was...i have never seen such detailing and such a subtle direction...

no doubt...ray is a genius...i wish they had included pather panchali...i had read the book...want to see the movie desp..

of the movies listed..i have read postmaster..it is Rabindranath Tagore's novel...would be interesting to see how Ray picturised it...would be brilliant no doubt...

thanx for the article
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miami_luvs @miami_luvs 15 years ago thanx
i'm a big fan of satyajit ray after watching pather panchali
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