A Prank that clean bowled Gautami Kapoor ...

Gautami Kapoor talks about a funny prank played on her on the sets of Kaho Na Yaar Hai, her experience on the sets of the reality show with Ronit Roy and much more..

Another reality show seems to have caught up with the trend of playing pranks on celebrities. And this time it was the turn of Gautami Kapoor aka Tulsi of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to fall a prey. The prank was played on her for an episode of Star’s new show Kaho Na Yaar Hai.

The story goes that a couple visited Gautami on the sets of Kyunki… saying they were the winners of some show and as the prize, they had bagged the opportunity to meet her. Initially they were quite well behaved and Gautami was even embarrassed at a point by their excessive adoration. But after sometime the husband behaved quite rudely to the wife and in true Tulsi Maiyya style, Gautami berated him for doing so.

Gautami, when contacted laughed about it and said, “Yes, the prank was a part of the show. The couple came to the sets and told me they won a competition and had got the chance to meet me. The whole incident was filmed and I had no idea it was a prank till I was on the sets of Kaho Na Yaar Hai.” And how was her experience being a part of such a fun-filled show? “It was a great experience being a part of the show. I had a blast and was very excited moreover, because I was not going to be playing any character, but be myself”, replies Gautami.

And how did it feel being paired opposite her on screen husband in the show? “Oh it was great fun”, says a smiling Gautami. “I know Ronit and Karan quite well and we all are good friends and I enjoyed myself with them. I came along with two of my best friends and it felt nice being surrounded by all my friends.” What does friendship mean to you? “Well I usually don’t make friends easily, but when I do they are for a lifetime. My friends mean the world to me and I don’t think I can survive without them”, says Gautami as she signs off..

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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Gautami Kapoor

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She's wearing the same outfit she wore to some award function recently.

16 years ago

Can I please ask what does that expression clean bowled mean. I have heard it before, but I don't know its meaning. Can someone please just give a quick explanation? Btw, nice article and she did look very pretty in the hat and casual outfit. But then again she is a beautiful woman even without a lot of make-up and jewelry.

16 years ago

In the picture she looks like Urmilla Madhonkar...........what do you say?

16 years ago

she looks much better casually than in her tulsi maiyaz clothing

16 years ago


16 years ago

For some reason Gautami always comes off as a sweet personality to me. she looks sooo lovely in the lil picture u guys have next to the summary....the one w/o the hat where she's laughing...she looks great!

16 years ago

it would b good to see Gautami with Ronit.....
& must say she looks really beautiful in this

thx for sharing this

16 years ago

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