A Ghostly Invasion on Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche..

Catch the action of Halloween Special on Gini and Jony's Chake De Bachche this weekend on 9X...

GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche has pleasantly evolved into a complete package for its viewers! Maintaining its roller-coaster pace till date, the show is all set to attain the next level in excitement. For all those who believe that ghosts and spirits are all fictional, we suggest a second look at this mysterious paranormal puzzle. Tune in this Friday & Saturday at 9 pm on 9X to witness a ghostly invasion this weekend on GINI & JONY's Chak De Bachche!

Amongst the spirited mayhem and the usual masti, the saga in search of a complete performer begins. In the previous episode we saw Rohan & Pooja leaving the GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche family due to a drop in support from the audience. This time who will it be???Desi Dhurandhar or Metro Rocker??

The performances on Friday begin with the hip-hoppers of the metro-rockers & desi dhurandhars performing on various ever green bollywood numbers like: Saara Jahan kahe Ishq Hai Jhoota, Chunari Sambhal Gori, Yaar Bina Chain Kahaan Re,Sar Pe Topi Lal Haat Mein Resham Ka Rumaal, Mere Mehboob Mere Sanaam and much more musical hits . …..

It's yet another episode complete with break dancing, heart breaks and the chance of a big break! However in this episode Raveena Tandon a celebrity judge of GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche will finally give her word to stop arguing and fighting with Manoj Tiwari! Now the question has arisen as to what has compelled Raveena to take such a decision??!!?? Tune in to see as the fun doesn't stop there!

After every astonishing Friday there comes a more smashing Saturday promising you more fun, masti and music. The theme for this Saturday is Halloween where all the kids will perform on haunting Bhoot songs! The episode starts with a funny but scary incident where Roshni scares the wits out of Manoj! Well, what goes around comes around MT!!!

But do be sure to watch as a Metro Rocker's fractured leg may get the better of him/her! Will he/she be able to continue? Will this incident affect the scores of the Metro-Rockers? Another occurrence to look out for is when the youngest contestant from Desi-Dhurandhar goes missing! Who and where? Will the missing participant finally turn up at all? To discover this and even more get glued to GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche this weekend.

Watch GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche this weekend Friday & Saturday, at 9.00 pm only on 9X to catch all the masti, masala & ghostly fun . Don't forget to vote for your favourite jodi…

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