A friend comes to the rescue in Dill Mill Gayye...

Shaleen Bhanot steps in to play a cameo in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye at a short notice... Here is an insight on the new track in the serial...

Russhad Rana and Ankita Bhargava were to play the very much-in-love couple Chirag and Ritu in Dill Mill Gayye. When Telly Buzz talked to Rushad to get to know on his character few days back, the actor had confirmed that his role will be for four episodes.

But ultimately, things did not work out for the actor and he had to deny the offer. This eventually paved way for the dashing Shaleen Bhanot to take over the role in quick time. “I had agreed to do the role, but eventually I found out that the date of shoot clashed with the shoot of my upcoming film ‘Dooriyan’. Hence I was forced to back out. But I would love to take up a role in future in this unique youth-oriented show”, quotes Russhad Rana when contacted today.

Shaleen, the actor who stepped in at the last minute says, “I got a call from the Creative Head of Dill Mill Gayye, Amita Devadiga at 12.30 in the night. She is a very good friend of mine and she requested me to give her four days’ time as she had a cameo role for me in the show. I had to begin shooting the very next day and I could not refuse the offer. Above all, this is one serial I have loved to be part of as it is so youthful and fresh”.

The couple enters the hospital as Ritu is expecting her first child. However, there is a twist in the tale as Chirag suffers from brain tumor. According to our well-placed source, “This is the first time that the interns face such a serious case in Sanjeevni. Chirag’s is a very complicated case wherein he is battling death and will not survive if not operated quickly. But the chances of him losing his memory after being operated are very high. The couple is so deeply in love that both are ready to sacrifice for each other. While Chirag prefers not to live a life forgetting his wife and kid, Ritu wants her husband to be operated and is even ready to live a life alone if he loses memory”.

Adding further, the source says, “This intense love of Ritu-Chirag will eventually create problems between Armaan-Riddhima as they tend to compare their love to the couple’s love”.

So get ready for some intense drama in the very popular serial, Dill Mill Gayye...

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Rushaad Rana cums to dmg..but in a different role! promise nibhaya!

14 years ago


15 years ago

they wud kill to get her back but the point she does not want to come back---how rude of her!

15 years ago

Bring on more n more stupid things like this, but it wont fetch u any of the trp's. I dont knw why are these ppl wasting their time, actually their CREATIVITY in doing things like this when they have a simple solution to their problem; BRING SHILPA ANAND BACK!!!

15 years ago

world record on cameos

15 years ago

so their love might lead dem to the confession!

15 years ago

c'mon yaar
plz no more rpoblems
just let them confess

15 years ago

nooooooooooooooo yaar no more problms. i thot dat dere love will make AR realize dere love bt dere is sumthing else yaar. creatives plzzzz dnt do such things.

15 years ago

ohhh.... i woz wonderin why russhad wasnt dere....i lyck shaleen...hez a good actor.....buh hopefully it doesnt cause a lot of differenceiation btween AR.... why cnt problems jus end.... ????
wen will AR get 2gthr...its beens so long since Ar is fightin wiv each othrr...

15 years ago

god more problems plz noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
thts enough na now AR should just confess

15 years ago

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