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7/7/07 Lucky Day: Destiny Written or Predetermined?

Is July 7, 07 indeed an auspicious day? Is destiny predetermined or whether we ourselves write our own destiny? We catch up with television's top celebrities to find their take on destiny...

Published: Saturday,Jul 07, 2007 06:40 AM GMT-06:00
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The ones who believe in Numbers and Destiny have something to smile about on the 7th day of the 7th Month , 2007. Believing the triple appearance of the number 7 will bring luck, many people are planning important events for this first Saturday in July. Brides and Grooms all over the world are rushing towards matrimonial gates; Pregnant Women are hoping for labor pains to bring in that extra luck in their life.

Whether its numerology or astrology, we humans have a quench to know about the future. Superstitions and so-called good dates are always considered for any huge occasion. Yet, is destiny written by us or do we just blindly follow our destiny? Are we mere puppets doing what we are destined to do or are creating who we are? Is the upcoming day July 7/7/07 just another ordinary day or is there something truly special about this day?

We catch up with television's hottest stars to find out their take on the science of numerology and their take on the upcoming seventh of this month….

7/7/07 Lucky Day: Destiny Written or Predetermined?
The versatile and talented actor Manoj Bohra of Kasauti Zindagi Ki fame says, “Yes, I believe in fate, providence, destiny whatever you choose to call them. We all work hard, but at the end of the day, destiny does decide what you can and cannot achieve. However, I have no idea what 777 is or that 7th July has or should have any importance as such. I don't know about auspicious, but yes, getting married on a special day does make it special.”

7/7/07 Lucky Day: Destiny Written or Predetermined?

The beautiful and talented actress Shweta Kawatra of KKusum and Kumkum fame, says, “No, I don't believe in a readymade destiny, rather I believe in making my own destiny. Nor do I in any dates whatsoever. It is something I, personally, can never identify with. I chose my own marriage dates, that suits me.

7/7/07 Lucky Day: Destiny Written or Predetermined?

The adorable and lovable Karan Wahi of Remix fame says, “Yes, I believe in destiny. We all try to achieve the best, but only a select few get it. As for auspicious dates, my lucky number is 9th, so if I have choice of dates among 9th, 10th, 11th, I would choose 9th. I have never heard of 7-7-7 being anything special, other than that the seven wonders will be announced that day. However, with 777, I have something special to remember. My friend has three cars with 777 numbers, and all three got smashed up bad. So now whenever we see a car with a 777 number, we call each other up and have fun informing that we saw a 777 car and it' sure up for some bad days!”

7/7/07 Lucky Day: Destiny Written or Predetermined?

The good-looking and renowned actor Prashant Ranyal of Kasamh Se fame says, “Yes, I definitely believe in destiny, and that whatever has to happen, will happen. As for the auspicious day, yes these things definitely help you. We all work hard, and expect the best, and if there is something extra which can help us get the happiness, then there is no harm in believeing it. I have not heard of the 777 phenomenon, but since it is supposed to be a good day, I too hope for something good in my kitty.”

7/7/07 Lucky Day: Destiny Written or Predetermined?
The funny and wicked bahu of Gheewala Parivar Koki aka Nimisha Vakharia says, “See at some point of time what is destined will happen..I can give you so many examples. Rajnikanth who was a bus conductor became the most popular actor bigger than Amitabh Bachchan with his movie Shivaji. Lot of times Earthquakes and tornadoes take place so what is stored in the destiny will take place. As for 777 I want to wish all the best to those couples who are tieing the not that day. Unfortunately I am married and I don’t even have an affair so that I can tie a knot. Even my son is v small so bad luck for me. But I want to wish others good luck for any new activities that they are undertaking.”

7/7/07 Lucky Day: Destiny Written or Predetermined?
The handsome and multitalented actor Ajay Krish says, “More than destiny, I believe in karma. I feel if we have good karma, we will get good and vice versa. So destiny is closely related to karma. I believe in whatever I do in this life, my previous karma, if good will aids me, or if bad, hinders me. As for July 7th being auspicious, I feel it depends on the numerological attributes of the couple, but just any day all by itself is never enough to spell success or failure for any relationship. 2000 was supposed to be a bad year for marriage due to all those zeroes. Yet I have so many friends who got married, had kids in 2000 and they are all very happy.”

7/7/07 Lucky Day: Destiny Written or Predetermined?
The intelligent and likeable Samir Soni of Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi fame says, “Yes, I do believe in destiny, but I also believe that one has to work for it. It is just like winning a lottery ticket, you might win it, but to win, you first need to go out and buy it. As for auspicious days, no I don't believe in them at all. I feel a couple would have no better chance at having a successful relation if they chose one date over another.”

Well quite interesting answers, isn't it? While some of our stars believe that destiny can be written others believe that our lives maybe predestined. What is your take on destiny? And what about 7/7/07 - does it bring anything special into your lives? And how much should we believe in sciences such as numerology and astrology?

Writers: Dolly, Remixrules, Kirti
Reporters: Minnie, Kirti
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Schindler @Schindler 16 years ago Thanks alot nice to hear from Manoj and to know he's a firm neliever in destiny!
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sima @sima79 16 years ago My son turned 7 years old on 7/7/07
And he was also born at 7am.
He is very Happy, He calls himself LUCKY.
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Iqra @Mrs.SalmanKhan 16 years ago Thnks for the article =]
Manoj is ahdorable
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1 @IBserenity 16 years ago My friend is turning 21 today...so 7+7+7 is also 21! that's so kool!
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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 16 years ago i dont think that 7/7/7/ is lucky but thnx .
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Krupa @-Krupa- 16 years ago Yeahh..i got a mail on this!..i was like huh..because if 6-6-06 was supposed to be unlucky, what make 7-7-07 lucky..
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Pooja @cool_pooja 16 years ago 7/7/7 seems like a good date to look at it but dunno abt luck..lol.. Manoj looks hawt..
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