5 Shows that changed the way we see DANCE on Indian Television!

#InternationalDanceDay: Putting on your dancing shoes already? Read on to know more.

"Kunal Nirmal Kothari"
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If we were in early 2000's, we wouldn't even be writing about this. Not because, there was no Twitter and Facebook back then, but because the idea of dancing was pursued differently. And now, that we are in 2017, it would be safe to say that dancing is not only considered to be a profession, but there is an immense amount of exposure to the art on-screen.

In the past 12-13 years, we have come across a truckload of dance reality shows which were either adapted or remade from other shows. However, amidst all of that, only a few have managed to revolutionize the way dancing is perceived on Indian television. 

Today as we observe International Dance Day, we decided to give them the mention they deserve.

Dance India Dance

'Dance India Dance' has been the flag bearer of the idea of viewing dance on television. Back In 2009, when the viewers were only addicted to watching celebrities dancing on TV, this show brought in a stir like never before. Giving a common man the chance to come on stage and show his dancing potential turned out to be a sensational one. Over 4 official seasons and several spin-offs, the show may have lost its spark in the recent times, but continues to be the reason 'dance' is an acceptable profession in the eyes of masses.

Dance Plus

Literally fast forwarding to several years later, the makers of reality shows had an even bigger dilemma on their minds. Every possible format, kind and type of dancing was exploited in different reality shows already. So what can be that one thing that can get the viewers the fresh change they need? The answer came in the form of 'Dance Plus.' Led by 'Dance India Dance' man, Remo D'Souza and 'Dance India Dance' alumni, Dharmesh, Shakti Mohan and Punit Pathak (Season 2), the show went on to become a massive success. The reason was giving the viewers a different take on dancing and constantly providing newer forms of dancing.

Super Dancer

Coming up with 'another' dance reality show which will rope in kids to portray their dancing prowess was a cliched idea and done to death. However, when the first episode of the show aired, the viewers were bamboozled by the talent the kids actually possessed. It also highlighted the fact that there is actually some raw and impeccable talent which has not been showcased in the correct manner. The next thing that happened was that the show went on to become a humongous success and revolutionized dancing once again.

Dil Dosti Dance

Amidst all the reality juggernauts, the first ever dance based fiction show, 'Dil Dosti Dance' was launched on TV. No one would have expected the show to become the success it was because watching a dance performance every week was one thing and actually watching it on a daily basis with a plotline was another. 'Dil Dosti Dance' broke that notion and with a bunch of lovable, talented dancers and actors. 

Aasman Se Aage

The dance based fiction drama which arrived in 2012, 'Aasman Se Aage' is a rare one which did not become the success the makers would have loved it to become. It presented an interesting plot about how a girl from the slums possessed amazing dancing skills and wanted to make it big. However, the girl eventually came across the truth behind reality shows - the schemes, games and manipulations that go on behind-the-scenes. The show was pulled off-air in a mere two months after being aired which even led the fans to protest. Nothing transpired positively, but the show went on to be one of the few that entered the history of Indian fiction based drama series.

Of course, we have an array of other reality dance shows like 'Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa' and 'Nach Baliye', but the shows above went on to be the ones which changed the scenario of Indian television viewing when it comes to dance. Making a rational individual feel that "Wow! maybe I can dance too," was what these shows did and on the eve of International Dance Day, they deserve to be acknowledged.