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1st Episode Of Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate On Female Infanticide

Aamir Khan's show Satyamev Jayate to bring in an awareness to stop Female Infanticide!

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According to a report by United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) over 50 million girls and women who should be alive today are 'missing' because of violence and other forms of gender discrimination in India. Estimates of the number of female foetuses being destroyed every year in India vary from two million to five million.

Aamir Khan's show Satyamev Jayate's first episode is also based on this inhuman act which is yet practiced in many parts of the country. After hearing of this issue narrated by the contestant who faced it made Aamir go numb and left him in tears!

We at TellyBuzz spoke to some of the known people from the television industry on what they feel about this issue and the measures they would like to see through which there can be bought a change in the people's way of thinking about Female Infanticide!

Smriti Zubin Irani : Unfortunately in our country 1crore girls go missing every year due to female infanticide. However there is no comprehensive National Policy to prevent Female Feticide. For us to completely dedicate ourselves to remove this   blot from the society there is a need to engage society at large with this issue and ensure strict implementation of PNDT act and also ensure guilty doctors technicians and family members who force a women to abort the Female fetus, to be punished!
Mustaq Sheikh : Female infanticide is a very serious issue with our country, if not dealt with it is going to be more dangerous! This obsession of boy child has to be curbed; the girl child is neither a curse nor a burden to the society. The only way to stop this barbaric act is through educating the people and making them more aware of their wrong doings. Empowering women can only happen when they are allowed to be born!

Anas Rashid : Even though the actions of people have changed in the country their habits have turned to remain the same and hence Female Infanticide is yet followed! In the olden days people used to kill a girl child after she was born, and in todays era its 'Sonography' which is done by the use of technology which helps people to know before the child's birth whether a boy/girl, and so nowadays the girl child is killed before birth! Such concepts should be banned and if followed should be punishable. It's a Crime to kill a girl child, and such a crime can be stopped via awareness campaigns and education. There should be no discrimination between a girl child and a boy child!
Varun Badola : There is very much to be said about this topic, being even a developed country and the one where education is followed In large, yet we find orthodox way to thinking yet surviving in large, which leads to issues like Female Infanticide. There are very few who go strong with this topic, try to make people aware through campaigns and education and try to bring in an end to this cruel act, but all we see is today- A failure of try, when we see Female Infanticide is yet followed in many states and villages! And it is a shame to know that even the literate people follow it. This issue is to be dealt at government level now; it should come with the strong laws and punishable acts.
Alok Nath : Female infanticide is an illegal act yet followed in many states and villages, in short- it has been followed as a tradition now! This orthodox thinking is always seen on a rise which has made it to be followed even till today. It is a very shameful act. Murdering a girl child is abruptly cruel; she has all rights to be born and is equally to be treated as the Boy child. There is a lot of awareness to be bought in through campaigns and education system!

Geeta Kapur : I feel people who follow female infanticide don't know how grateful they should be to even have the power of giving birth to a LIFE. They should be oblivious about the fact that they are committing a murder.  I do feel that if penalty for a crime such as female infanticide is as high as the murder sentence, then people might refrain from the wrong doing they perform. I am a female who works in par with the males on everyday basis and do pretty well for myself, and I don't see any reason why anyone should think that a female child would not be able to fulfill the needs of a family.

Reporter-Krishma Solanki, Ashima Mishra

Author-Krishma Solanki.

Aamir Khan Alok Nath Anas Rashid Smriti Zubin Irani Varun Badola Geeta Kapur

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rakhiguru 8 years ago Thanks [email protected] good job and always make a new things.
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SonarMeye 8 years ago My thousand salutes goes to Aamir Khan - he is a gem against the world of Indian commercial entertainment business. All his last projects has a social message & a protest against the injustice. Now this programme is the jewel in the crown. He not only was brave enough to bring this important brutal issue on the forefront, he managed to convince & compel the appropriate authorities to wake up & promise some actions. I hope Aamir Khan will see the fulfillment of the Chief Minster's promise. As we know the politials are always ready to give false promises. The sensible population are with Aamir 100%. God bless Aamir Khan & his efforts for the betterment of the society & his efforts to eliviate injustice. Thank you Aamir Khan on the behalf of all the girls of the world.
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prava55663 8 years ago Its Unique and really amaizing show...Had tears in my eyes
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Ruhhee 8 years ago Shame on so called those educated n wealthy indian family...wen i c things like that i tell myself wat so great about India?????????n glad not to be borne thereee...
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geet261 8 years ago awesome show ... i had tears when i was watching the show ... u r amazing amir
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ramita_nayal 8 years ago SATYAMEV JAYATE is an amazing show. I had tears in my eye while watching this. Before the show I could never imagine how women are brutally beaten and tortured by their in laws for giving birth to a girl child. This show is truly an eye opener. It left a deep impression in my heart. Kudos to AAMIR KHAN for bringing the harsh reality of life in front of us...Hats off to him :))
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bablinisha 8 years ago aamir, sach mein dil pe lagi. its saddening to see all these wrongdoings happening in our country. change for the better can happen within us. if there is even a little bit of humanity in us lets get together to make india and the world a better place. tut gaee jo ungli utthi, panchon milee toh ban gaye mutthi
aamir i loved you as an actor, now respect you and love you as a human being.2012-05-07 03:07:57
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JUHI.HI 8 years ago good job amir!!!!...a must watch show!!! u truely deserve the tag of mr. perfectionist!!!...this show is realy worth wtchin n evryone must realy strt watchin d show. awesome concept and very realistic picturisation.i think its high tym ppl must realise d dignity of women n respect them...
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LuvStrk-001 8 years ago Fantastic Show!! Hats off to Aamir Khan and to his whole team for making such an effort and showing the truth of the India!!!A really heart wrenching episode and like to see much more such episode!!!
Really shocked to see an educate people are involved in this practice!!!Hope it brings some change in this society!!!!Hats off to Aamir for using his stardom in such an useful manner!!!
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---Shweta--- 8 years ago Amazing Show and Gr8 Concept Mr. Perfectionist.
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