#13YearsOfRemix: The actors Then and Now!

After all these years... it still seems just like yesterday.

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13 years ago, we were introduced to a show which not many thought would revolutionise the way Indian television is perceived. Who would have thought that all these years ago, a youth based show would go on to become a cult? We are talking about a show which will be remembered by and for generations to come, 'Remix'.

The wacky lingos, the accuracy of youth-centric problems, the complexities of relationships and four diverse personalities coming together to form a band; these constituted to give us a treat we remember even today. And that was not only visually, but also in the form of some of the best soundtracks in Indian musical history.

Be it Yuvraj's (Raj Singh Arora) carefree attitude and his revolution against his father or Tia's (Shweta Gulati) princess and bimbo-like personality; not to forget Ranveer's (Karan Wahi) principled and shy persona and the reckless, full-of-courage, lingo-speaker, Anvesha (Priya Wal); the band came, wowed the audience, and they conquered our hearts.

Going back down the memory lane, here is a quintessential then and now list of the actors which will get you nostalgic -

Surelee Joseph aka Maria Priya (M.P.)

The on-screen tomboyish fighter actually went on to become a supermodel later in real life and still looks stunning.

Mansee Deshmukh aka Lathika Jambhwal

The actress continues to venture into several projects where she recently starred in films like Delhi Belly and Boys To Boys Hain.

Karanveer Mehra aka Karan

Though he had a cameo, it went on to become his launchpad and is currently one of the most known faces in tellytown, last seen in TV Biwi Aur Main.

Anup Soni aka Raghav Dutt

The currently Crime Patro' regular was the one responsible for bringing in the trend of cool-professor-helping-students back then.

Sourabh Raaj Jain aka Amandeep Chaddha (Aman)

While he went on to do memorable mythological characters ahead, he will still be missed as that Aman who, initially hid the fact that he was a Sikh but was totally proud of it later.

Kunal Karan Kapoor aka Varun

Currently, one of the heartthrobs on Indian television, the stammering nerd became a sensation in recent times with Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha.

Kavita Kausik aka Pallavi Mehta

The hot lawyer who dated Sumeet Ahuja (Vinay Jain) went on to become the most loved cop, Chandramukhi Chautala, and was last seen in Dr. Bhanumati On Duty.

Siddhant Karnick aka Arjun Khanna

The handsome prefect who was hated for his strict demeanor was loved as the Raja in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani most recently.

And now comes the quarter all of you were looking forward to-

Priya Wal aka Anvesha Banerjee Ray

After playing one of the most cult characters, Priya did act in several shows but has been off the screen for a while now except starring in last year's BCL Season 2.

She did manage to make "hey bhaggu (bhagwan)" and "Duh-uh!" the WTF and OMG of today back then!

Shweta Gulati aka Tia Ahuja

The little princess was loved for her cuteness and innocence, Shweta went on to star in several shows and is currently wowing on stage with her plays.

Raj Singh Arora aka Yuvraj Dev (Yuvi)

Playing a spoilt brat, Raj Singh Arora is one of the witty ones in his real life and recurringly stars as Mihir in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Karan Wahi aka Ranveer Sisodia

Playing a shy and principled character, Karan is a complete contrast in his real life, where he is fun-loving and one of the most popular and loved one in tellytown. Karan is also all set to play the lead in the upcoming film, Hate Story 4.

We hope this nostalgic walk down the lane relieved several memories of yours. Which one was your favourite character? Leave in your comments below.

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Priya Wal

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Siddhant Karnick

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Comments (69)

Remix rocked...so miss those times.

6 years ago

We all are waiting for your comeback news Kunal Karan Kapoor ...

6 years ago

I sooo mis t show,.. wish v had a season 2.
Hope v get a re-run t leasttt..

6 years ago

waiting for your come back Kunal Karan Kapoor ... Missing your acting

6 years ago

remix rocks a show ahead of its time and remembered for generations

6 years ago

love you always Kunal Karan Kapoor ... you are the cutest actor...

6 years ago

Many more successful years to come keep rocking '''

7 years ago

Love u Sourabh Raaj Jain, u are always a superstar

7 years ago

Sourabh Raaj Jain has proved with his talent n acting that he's so versatile and genuine star, love remix!!

7 years ago

Hope we will see you very soon on television Kunal Karan Kapoor...

7 years ago

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