Why is Kaamini distressed ?

7 years ago


In Colors TV show Ishq Ka Rang Safed unfolds lot of drama and what follows is Rona-Dhona and Drama in the show. So why is Kaamini so distressed and hurt ?

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nusrat @NusiSg 7 years ago All three Mishal Raheja Ishita ganguli n sanjeeda shaikh were brilliant throughhout the ending of series.. Thnx to them n thnx to cvs
awida @awida 7 years ago Ishq Ka Rang Safed will remain as one of my all time favorite shows. Mishal Raheja is an amazing actor ..love him as Viplav. I love Ishita Ganguly and Sanjeeda Shaikh too. but I just think their roles didn't suit them her. my pov. I don't mean to hurt anybody.
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