Vikram Singh Heart in Phir Subah Hogi

11 years ago


Vikram Singh Heart in Phir Subah Hogi

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Ron @ronshaan 11 years ago Sandy u said it right !!!

its so nice that can watch it again n again n again ... nice video
the most funny n somewhere true .. adi saying no no im not happy with thiss ext and vikram saying ow camera is on every one can see what he did in last days so... (gulki smiling saying yeaah yeah)
Sandy @Sandy66 11 years ago Loved Varun and Gulki Video. Maybe I am biased here, but whenever Varun and Gulki giving an interview they are always having fun and laughing. She is more jovial and at ease with him than Nandish.
payal7 @payal7 11 years ago Good to see Varun - Gulki having a laugh.

One day perhaps the writers will get around to writing a few scenes where they can have a laugh on screen. I am sure they are tired as much as we are especially Gulki of all this crying and sadness.

di @lidvin 11 years ago Loved the video and interview of Varun Badola & Gulki Joshi
Ron @ronshaan 11 years ago Loved this video.. Loved Varun Comments .. Gulki U R funny tooo !!!

want more want Vikram Sugni together !!!
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