Tik Toker Faizal Siddiqui Is In Major Trouble And On The Radar Of The NWC

1 months ago


Tik toker Faizal Sidhique who also happens to be tik toker Amir Sidhique’s brother has landed himself in some serious trouble. Few days back the tik toker created a video where he was allegedly acting like a drunk guy in the start of the video who is dumped by his girlfriend and later he showcases a revenge scene by throwing acid on her towards the end. The video is something unacceptable and considering the TikTok has a huge following it’s definitely going to affect a larger audience, which is why when this video went viral BJP leader Tajinder Singh Bagga tweeted about it to the NCW Chief Rekha Sharma and asked her to look into this video Now the video is not only taken down but now the tik toker is on the radar of the National Commission of Women Twitterati has also shared the video and demanded that strict action needs to be taken against him and the hashtag Ban Tiktok is trending on Twitter Well now only time will tell whether Faizal is able to justify this act since the national commission of women and the police are taking it up firmly and the video has already been deleted from his account.

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