The Rocking 'Dostana' on Oye! It's Friday !

14 years ago


Catch Abhishek Bachchan in an up-close conversation with Farhan Akhtar this week on Oye ! It's Friday !

Abhishek Bachchan Farhan Akhtar Oye! Its Friday  Imagine 

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tenzin @yang 14 years ago when i heard nepal and kathmandu i was like ohh i miss it very much and wat a wonderful country despite not being my motherland but love tat city to death ...they both rock...
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Kiran @-kirulicious- 14 years ago Loved the was hilarious..Love them..Abhi is soo funny!!!
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Pooja @indian_chick 14 years ago ooooommmmmmdddddddzzzzzzzzz....dahhhsss hellerioussss!!!!!i wuldntt myndd watchinn dahhh!!!LOOOLL!!!
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Navinder Kaur aka Navi @-Navi- 14 years ago OMG they are so cute and funny muuuaaahhhhh to abhi and Farhan!!!!!!!!! Abhisek is an amazing actor!!!!! havent seen rock on but i can tell that farhan has it in him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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rubytuesday @rubytuesday 14 years ago cool, hilarious guys. I love best friends.
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Julle @second_chances 14 years ago his sense of humor is sooo funny! very down to earth~
farhaan and abhi have amazzzzzzzzzzzzing chemistry!!!!
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