Shivangi turns Sesha to kill Manav? | Naagin 2 | Colors Tv

7 years ago


In Colors Tv show Naagin 2, Shivangi takes Sesha's get up and kills Manav, later she pretends to take him to the doctor but he dies. Watch the video, to find out more on this.

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Monica @moniluvskinshuk 7 years ago IF U are always against KM . Why U always forget to Tag Kinshuk Mahajan even in the videos where he is there . Tag him in the video.
Reine Lobo @Rein123 7 years ago IF devs seem to have discarded their minds at home while uploading this vid or do they have something against KM that they keep tagging that leech here even when he isn't in the video? Or maybe they're plain lazy!!
Cherry @chirpy_life19 7 years ago Love Kinshuk-Mouni amazing chemistry as Rudra & Shivangi. Adaa's interview also good. IF please tag Kinshuk Mahajan!
Jenny @jenny156 7 years ago Why is KVB and Mouni tagged?
Honestly, only Adaa and Kinshuk should be tagged here!!
Seriously IF
Monica @moniluvskinshuk 7 years ago IF The One who is not even in Video ..U guyz are tagging him ? (KV) ..But The One who is in Video ..U guyz always forget to tag him ? SERIOUSLY !! Have u lost it ? Do u always do this intentionally ?

Tag KINSHUK MAHAJAN in the Video !!
🌹Vinnas💙Chandu🌹 @vinnas 7 years ago why don't IF tags Kinshuk mahajan name even his present videos :O
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