Sara Khan's Birthday Bash


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iheartChai 2011-07-09T12:08:06Z Additi keep rocking it, keep smiling, and keep being yourself.

Wishing you all the best!
-SnowKid- 2011-05-10T07:08:40Z Additi was looking stunning ...god bless u
keep smiling
Nabeelah 2010-08-13T12:22:10Z sara is sooooooooooo pritty!
wish she get evrything in lyf.
plzzzzzzz cum back in bidaai!
priya185 2010-08-09T11:37:09Z thts one party i wouldnt wanna be a part of
loved seeing jai kw rsa additi
shonakasu 2010-08-08T08:58:10Z karan wahi toooo cute laal sandh hahahahahahaha dam cute
arushim26 2010-08-07T22:16:33Z the party was not good. but i loved to see kw. that is enough. so i loved it
kw09 2010-08-07T12:29:19Z I am a BIG Fan of KARAN Wahi
Love U2010-08-08 12:59:11
MuasamSept16th 2010-08-07T07:29:30Z This was such a wierd party. I mean how can you put your Guests to so much discomfort. OMG... some ppl are busy looking at eachother in shock while the dancers are doing their mujra thing.... Like wht kinda brain can such an idea cum from. i mean dude... r u out of your mind???....."giving a mujra party on your Girlfriend's birthday" *phewwwwwwwwwwww*

Anyways...LOVED KW.... He is so adorable..... & how he cutely showed his "Laal Saand"... sensible i must say. Oh... and it is so nice to see Raj Singh Arora. He is such a nice actor.... I'd love to see him make a come back to TV incase he hasnt already.
immini 2010-08-07T00:31:16Z karan wahi..lukin so sexcc..n cute..laal saandh...lmao....keep rockin u.!
Semarnk 2010-08-06T16:37:22Z i loved watching karan wahi lol "laal saand" and aditi love her and loved to see YUVI from remix at 6:45
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