Rubal to get to know about Latika's game against him in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

9 years ago


We would witness Rubal coming to know about Latika's abortion which was portrayed to him as a plan of Pankhudi. Rubal also talks about him joining hands with Pankhudi to save their family from the villainous intensions of the new entrants in the Diwan Mansion.

Manasi Salvi Nitesh Pandey Nakuul Mehta Disha Parmar Khushwant Walia Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara...  Star Plus 

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YeojaNextDoor 9 years ago loved rubel's character development and how he changed...great job done by cvs...rubel's so much better as a positive character!!!!! lovinggg pkdh like anything...but want adi to be free soon...!!!!
PaYa rocksss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tacker_Holic 9 years ago Finally! Thank god Rubal's eyes have opened and he knows the truth about Latika. Now she is in for it and the whole Manik family! Cant wait for it to air! Really love how Rubal's character has progressed and changed! Khushwant Walia is doing an amazing job! Loving Disha Parmar and Nakuul Mehta more and more each day! Come on guys keep commenting! #TEAMPKDH!
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PayaDesire95 9 years ago yes sooo happy can't wait!! Hate Latika soo much can't wait for her too be kicked out of DM FINALLY!!! Your days are numbered Latika!!!
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MrDarcyfan 9 years ago I am SO happy that Rubel's charachter is undergoing a change. He is starting t see sense and who his real well wishers are. NOT that cunniving Latika who only wants money!! THIS is what I like about this show. It has charachter development and it has some logic in its storyline. No wonder this show alleals more to overseas audiences!!

Personally I hate the Lamp and Wick show which so highly rated on Star Plus. It is a show which has NO charachter development and NO movement in thr story. PKD is SO much better in comparison!
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MereMahiyaa. 9 years ago Pyaaar ka dard haao rooock intresting stooory luv theee show
Want mine adi freee
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YeojaNextDoor 9 years ago ohhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its soo soo soo interesting nowadays!!!!! latika's truth out and rubel changing!!!!! what cud be better than that??? cant wait...loveee pyar ka dard hai!! :))))))))
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