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3 years ago


Roadies Real Heroes gives you an Egyptian Feel with ‘Ghayal Dummy’ The last week on Roadies Real Heroes was dramatic to the T and kept the audience hooked to its thrilling tasks, dramatic vote outs and intense fights amongst the gang leaders. This time the gangs will move to Alleppey from Munnar, where the next task will be performed. It will also give the gang leaders a chance to get their immunity. Rannvijay announces the first task called the ’Ghayal Dummy’, after the gangs have been formed. ‘Ghayal Dummy’ will have a dummy with every gang, who will be one of the four contestants. The contestant who has been chosen as a dummy by their gangs, will be wrapped in bandage like the Egyptian Mummy. After all the obstacles, the gang has to keep the dummy on boat and collect the flag from the final point. The team that reaches first to the point will win the task and also the entire gang will get the immunity. The task comes with a twist where, the contestant who was the dummy gets an immunity by default, irrespective of which gang is winning the task. Adding to that, Rannvijay throws a trump card, stating that the Joker of the show – Sohil Singh can use the immunity of any one of the dummies that were performing. Who gets lucky with the immunity task and which team wins? Tune into MTV this Sunday at 7 PM.

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