Rangeela Feeds Shivani | Shivani AGREES To Rangeela | Ghulam | Life Ok

7 years ago


In Life Ok's show, Ghulam, Shivani denis to eat food but when feeds her she agrees. Watch the video, to find out more about this.

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jasneet1008 @jasneet1008 7 years ago Cutie pie Niti Taylor!
You are awesome as shivani!!
suja3 @suja3 7 years ago Niti Taylor is an amazing actress..Rangeela please help Shivani by eating her food..
Love you Niti Taylor
nohra94 @nohra94 7 years ago Niti Taylor is doing great job as shivani love her acting
Cinthiay @Cinthiay 7 years ago I am Loving these scenes.. Bebas rangeela and maje leti hui Uski maalkin.Niti Taylor just rocks.
Majaan @Majaan 7 years ago Those scenes of rangeela Feeling Shivani are a treat to watch
Niti Taylor just ace those scenes
MananIsLife @MananIsLife 7 years ago Loved that scene. Niti Taylor was too good in it.
Twinkle.MaNan @Twinkle.MaNan 7 years ago Saw the scene today and i Loved it Niti Taylor
suja3 @suja3 7 years ago Niti Taylor is doing justice to her role..
Niti Taylor is an awesome actress
laddoochucky @laddoochucky 7 years ago Niti Taylor , loved ur portrayal aa Shivani this week !!
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