Rally For Justice Along With Celebrities

15 years ago


celebrities are in the protest rally of Mumbai attack. Everybody wants justice.

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waterlily_126 @waterlily_126 15 years ago this is the right thing to do ..
good job guys
yogesh @yogesh_gaurip 15 years ago chaitanya saud completely truth about security
dnmukhra @dnmukhra 15 years ago These actors are all wasting time protesting. This is not going to change or solve anything at all. The terrorists aren''t going to look at these cheap talentless actors and have a change of heart and stop their attacks. The only answer is military action. Fight fire with fire. India needs to stop preaching Gandhism and turning their cheeks the other way whenever they get attacked and actually do something about it!! Fight back!!
Swanitha Kotapati @swanithak 15 years ago The actors who protested especially Chaitanya Choudary , Abir Goswami , Kamya Punjabi said the right thing .
dnmukhra @dnmukhra 15 years ago I think these actors are using these protests and peace ralleys as a publicity stunt to promote themselves and make them look good to the public. These guys are always arguing and fighting with each other on reality shows and they''re here to promote peace? What a bunch of hypocrits.
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