Prayer Meet for Pratyusha Banerjee!


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rupa_6 2016-04-06T13:54:01Z Shocked and sad on hearing this news:( RIP Prats
Praves 2016-04-06T11:59:58Z RIP dear Pratyusha!
What a big loss!!
leavesandwaves 2016-04-06T01:54:16Z I will always love you and cherish your memories in my heart. Rest in peace. My full sympathies to your parents and dear ones.
xAishuuux 2016-04-05T15:28:32Z This is so painful... :( :( :( Still shocked... I can even tell. Too young, talented and beautiful, Prats :((( may her soul rest in peace...
We will never forget you, lovely girl... :(
Srilathalolla 2016-04-05T11:53:45Z Feel sad such a young and popular person. RIP
Mahek_No1 2016-04-05T11:14:15Z This is so sad, I did not know Prats personally but her death has affected me, I can't even imagine what her friends and family are going through right now.

Hope she gets justice, i dont want this to go the Jiah Khan way!!! Rip Prats.
Mages 2016-04-05T11:01:46Z this is not the age to put a garland on your pic prats...what have you done...there is always a new light in life...for once you never thought abt your heart is crying for you...i pray to god wherever you are...there is only peace and love in that world of yours...2016-04-05 11:02:08
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