Kyuki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi - Baa' s dead

15 years ago


The story of baa's dead kyunki new change or new story coming up.

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xxnimrahxx @xxnimrahxx 15 years ago il mis it 2......i know dis question is rly stupid but is ba relay dead....
Sadi Patel @ArmaansGirl 15 years ago i agree wid andria..KSBKBT was an awsum sho..sumtyms it got out hnd wid tragedi n stuff..but da show rocked! im gonna miss it! n baa died,..dat was da mde me cry! alot! but laksh luked soo hndsum in blu..but y did baa hve 2 die? just da day da whole famili is finnali 2gehter?? :(
andria dsouza
andria dsouza @andria dsouza 15 years ago it is sad very sad to see a good serial go off air . i don''t understand indian mentality when a siticom like bold and the beautiful can go on for about more 20 yrs and is still goin strong then whats wrong in a serial like kyunki , why can''t it go on. there is drama, sometimes even teachings , kyunki has made people cry many times so why can''t we have it goin on still it is really sad i don''t think that the trp was the reason cos i am stayin in dubai and i have so many people watching kyunki . in indai i have my inlaws and my side of the family also watchin it i know many people who still watch kyunki loyaly.pls request balaji not to stop kyunki as she has and will get viewer to watch it pls do take it to another channel like 9x and we assure you that we will still keep watchin it. best of luck to the team of kyunki
preety @ChulbuliRao 15 years ago i really cried....i never expected theat i''ll cry but i did.....somehow ksbkbt is still there....the best ever....
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