Interview With Vibha Anand

15 years ago


Interview With Vibha Anand

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Vikrant_chini @Vikrant_chini 14 years ago Passion for the stars
Passion for the ocean
A moment of passion so easily shared,
With no fear o regret.
Passion is the eagerness to wake up with the light

A moment of passion I''ll never forget
My passion found me
And what is my passion?
Passion and lust takes my mind

Passion the power to love,
The speed of passion: Furios
Passion is something you see
Passion its something you are.

* Unnati *
* Unnati * @* Unnati * 15 years ago She''s soo sweet & down to earth..really fond of her..
luckybindaas @luckybindaas 15 years ago i really like sugna''s character...
i am eagerly waiting for her new twist in balika badhu..
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