Gaurav Khanna And Akanksha Chamola Receive Gifts From Their Fans | Exclusive

5 years ago


Watch the video, to find out more about what all gifts have Gaurav Khanna and Akanksha Chamola received from their fans.

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Neenzm @Neenzm 5 years ago
Another segment with GK.

Though I haven't seen the complete video but I know it will be awesome.

GK & AK make a lovely couple. God bless them!!!

And special thanks to @RubabNoor for her gifts and her efforts to make this gift segment happen!!!

Nosheen @RubabNoor11D 5 years ago Finally the segment is out. I m Sooo HAPPYYY...:-)) :-)) :-))
Thank youuu Sooo Much @indiaforums team...

Now I m Speechless. just say Thank you Gaurav n Akanksha for Liking My work,,, my Lil Effort for you both.

Love you Lots Both Ov You Guys. Thanks a ton.

Stay Blessed Forever Both Ov You n your Family.
Shaina_b @Shaina_b 5 years ago Fantastic to have a gift segment on Gaurav and Akansha!!!!

And a huge thank you to my friend Nosheen for sending these lovely gifts to them!!!!

The scrapbook was really something!!!!

A lot of hard work on her part!!!

I love the ring and am hoping she would send me one as well!!!

Yes Akansha Gaurav ko toh pura lootna!!!! Only material gifts from him!!!!

Mothers love these things more!!!

Well I did love Gaurav as a chocolate boy and also in PYPCK!!!!

Waise toh yeh bahut late tha because Nosheen had sent it long back but finally reached them!!!!

Both of them are really sweet to appreciate this!!!

My favourite is definitely the scrapbook!!!!

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