Did Youtube Delete Carryminati’s Video? | Elvish’s Dig Again | Technical Guruji Uninstalls Tik Tok

8 months ago


The internet space exploded when Youtuber Carry Minati dropped a video giving it back to Tik toker Amir Sidhique’s IGTV video which talked about some Youtubers putting roasting content against tik tokers and being abusive in it. Carry’s video created a stir so much so that the video had 70 million plus views and more than 10 million likes. But at the moment Carryminati’s this exact video has been pulled down from YouTube And not only his but Elvish Yadav and Lakshay Chaudhary’s videos have also been pulled down. If sources are to be believed these videos have been pulled down by Youtube India itself since they detected that these video are encouraging bullying which is against their guidelines. While Elvish & Lakshay did put a insta story sharing how the video got deleted by Youtube only and they haven’t deleted it But no concrete reason has been shared by Carryminati or the Youtube team as of now. But before Carry’s video got pulled down Amir also posted a reply video to Carry’s roast where he mentioned about Cyber Bullying and how he stands against it which wasn’t well received by YouTube’s audience and people went to dislike the video more than liking it. While Elvish has also put out a video again showcasing the life of a tik toker. Where he has again taken a dig on Tik tokers like Adnaan, Faisu, Beauty Khan & more. Also out of the many videos created by several YouTubers around the same topic Things have blown up even more on Twitter where we see Technical Guruji trending because he also put out a video saying cleaning my phones. Whereby cleaning he meant uninstalling Tik Tok from all his phones. Which again people are going crazy about by creating memes. Now, what is your take on this entire controversy do you want Carry, Elvish or Lakshay video to come back let us know in the comments below.

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