Abhinav Sharma from New Delhi is one of the contestant on Imagine TV's Swayamvar Season 3 - Ratan Ka Rishta. The 26 year old Abhinav is an Software Developer by profession. Abhinav Sharma won Ratan Rajput hand in Imagine TV's Swayamwar Season 3-Ratan Ka Rishta.

Senior Developer at Adobe Systems (Delhi), Abhinav Sharma belongs to Rishikesh (Uttarakhand). He is a self proclaimed mamma's boy and seeks her approval for everything he does. His hobbies include playing cricket, listening to music and watching movies. He also has a keen interest in politics and regularly follows the current affairs. He saw Ratan for the first time as a guest on a reality show and was taken aback by the glow on her face. He feels that his intelligence and humour give him an edge over other participants. Marriage for him is the strongest and purest relationship in the world.