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vinusushita 7 years ago Most beautiful picture in the world.Love u sushita.
mayusushita 7 years ago awww 3 of u looking sooo cute and d little one is so similar 2 sushita as if he is dere real child and i must say in future whenever sushita wil have dere own biological child he wil be jst lyk him sooo cute and naughty
Tanyaz 7 years ago What a lovely picture ..I fell in love with baby Soham when I saw this picture .
ankitacool28 7 years ago this pic is sooo adorable...
i wish u both get married soon sushita:*
LoveSushAnki 7 years ago 3 cutiepies...HeartHeartHeart
kwlbreeze 7 years ago damn yo whose that lil boy? his so cute!!! i feel like pulling his cheeks till it turns all pink...
Guggu_Minty 7 years ago Mashallah..!! Such a beautiful Picture..!! Kisiki naazar na laage inko..!!
stefanandre 7 years ago just love this picture, what a perfect family; missed it in PR.
786786 8 years ago HOLYYY!!
Wat an adorable family, that kid is SOOO CUTEEE!!!
suan 8 years ago If ever there was a picture of the perfect family, this is it!!!!!
Love you Sushant and Ankita!!!
Keep up the great job you are doing on Pavitra Rishta!
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