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Ramiliamuliukov 3 months ago BARUN SOBTI your talent is endless, your are magnificent actor. It's real enjoyment to watch your play. You're perfect my love! You're the best!
samarsobti 8 months ago Barun Sobti I love you. May luck always be with you my favorite actor, the most beautiful and talented.**
Barun.k 9 months ago Barun Sobti I Really like the director of the show Asura! I hope the project will be Great!!
samarsobti 9 months ago BARUN SOBTI.. you're the best! I'm looking forward to your new web series. I'm sure it will be awesome.
sonya317 9 months ago Barun Sobti, I look forward to your new web series. I wish you successful shooting.
Ramiliamuliukov 10 months ago Barun Sobti let everything be wonderful in your life. Love you
_madhurika_ 10 months ago Barun Sobti, let everything be all right with you, I wish you and your family happiness
imfanbarunsobti 10 months ago My star Barun Sobti is always awesome, the most handsome and talented2019-04-22 01:12:30
Noor.sobti 10 months ago BARUN SOBTI.. My Beautifulll Love, I miss you on the screen. I wish you much luck and happiness
Barun.S_84 10 months ago Barun Sobti my Love, I wish you Great success. Let your work bring joy to you and us. My support is always with you*-
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